Never Stop Learning.

Never Stop Growing.

Never Stop.

Welcome to The Bloke, my little space on the internet I call my own.

It's hard for me to describe what I do, and even harder to explain what I want to do - because there is just so much out there I want to get done!

However, in the meantime, while I figure that out - here is a bit of a record of some of the things I have done and an offering of some of the things I might be able to do for you.

- Kerry

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So Far...

The Bloke was essentially started as a way to document my experiments and learning. Along the way, a couple of people joined me in sharing their experiences. The goal is to continue to add useful, relevant information of benefit to both the weekend warriors and seasoned pros.

I have spent/wasted/lost enough money over the years trying different gear and systems, feel free to learn from my mistakes!