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The Bloke has been around for several years now, in various forms, rising from the ashes of a different site, The Bloke is really me documenting my experiments, learning and testing.

I am a self-confessed gear-whore. The amount of money I have spent on gear that may or may not lived up to the hype over the years, is, well, frankly embarrassing. However,  it's been driven by a desire to do things better, more efficiently and sometimes, just more comfortably.

Hopefully, you can skip a little bit of the time and expense and let me figure out some of the hows and whats, so you don't have to.

So, welcome again, scroll down for some of our most popular articles. Enjoy!

- Kerry

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Blaze Camouflage – Safety while hunting

Recently, Ridgeline introduced a new range of Blue Blaze Camouflage, following on from Stoney Creeks addition earlier in the year. More options for safety can only be a good thing for hunters, and hopefully colour choices will encourage more people to wear blaze clothing so that they can be quickly identified in the bush. We have had a death in New Zealand this year…

So Far...

The Bloke was essentially started as a way to document my experiments and learning. Along the way, a couple of people joined me in sharing their experiences. The goal is to continue to add useful, relevant information of benefit to both the weekend warriors and seasoned pros.

I have spent/wasted/lost enough money over the years trying different gear and systems, feel free to learn from my mistakes!

Hunters Element Foxtrot Boots

An incredibly light hunting boot that provides stealth and comfort right out of the box.

The Hunters Element Foxtrot Boot meets the requirements of a lightweight, comfortable boot that provides more protection than a shoe, but doesn’t slow you down like a traditional, heavy boot.

The heavy duty Cordura in Desolve Veil camouflage and the Hydrafuse waterproof lining combine to provide a strong and waterproof stalking boot.

The moulded toe cap and heel stabiliser will keep you on track and on your target.