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Hello and welcome to The Bloke!

I am addicted to learning. Maybe it’s a form of stimulation addiction – maybe I just can’t sit still for long – but whatever the reason – I am at my most content when I am learning about something new – and – I have found over the years that one of the best ways for me to retain this information is to document it and put it up for others to learn from as well!

My name is Kerry, and I have a varied background, from working in the trades, through to Home and Pro-Audio and then finding myself somewhat deep into the outdoors and firearms industry in the last couple of years. I have run recording and mastering studios in the past, done the sound for nightclubs, taken people for weekend excursions in the bush, run hunting education courses and these days set up firearms for people and consult in firearms safety and operational systems. I am also one of the Mountain Safety Council Firearms Licencing Course instructors. I write articles for Rod and Rifle Magazine, and you can also find my work on all manner of hunting and outdoors websites around the net.

I run several sites these days – thebloke.co.nzprecisionshooter.co.nzgunsafe.co.nz – all in some way focused in education and safety.

This website is a collection of what I have learnt over the last couple of years, mainly focusing on the outdoors and hunting, but with food, drink and all sorts of other things wound in there as well.

Thanks for checking out the site. Questions? Get in touch. Love to hear from people.

Good Blokes.

The various podcasts I have done over the years have basically just been the perfect excuse for me to talk to people who interest me and who I want to learn from.
It has given me a phenomenal platform to interact with guys from all walks of life - experts in their field. A chance to gleam life lessons and technical expertise from people who have been doing these things for a lot longer than me.
So - welcome to 'good blokes' - a podcast with blokes from all over the place - talking about what they do, why, and how.

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Call of the Wild: Te Awaroa – a chat with the world developer.

The Bloke Network of Shows · Good Blokes - Interview With Kevin - world designer for Hunter: Call of the Wild - Te Arawoa As...

Good Blokes – Inia Raumati. Emergency doctor, hunter, wise chap.

We talk about bush first aid (and the reality of things), trauma what happens and working in it, the mischief blokes, young and old...

Good Blokes – Boris Vos – Lead Ranger

Boris Vos, former Royal Netherland Marine, Sniper, Jungle Warfare and Combat Tracking Instructor, Leader Developer, Good Bloke.

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The Latest

Freezing Coffee Beans? What is this madness!

Before we get to far into this - lets review what we already know about coffee storage. Oxygen kills coffee. Or any other kind of food, for that matter. Oxidisation causes breakdown, so less oxygen (seal bags) is good.Light kills coffee. Regardless if it's the sun or artificial light - light causes photodegradation and beaks down the organic cell structure in the coffee.Heat kills coffee. Hotter...

Firearm's education starts here. Safety through education.

The Howa 1500 Short Action

I often get asked... I often get asked questions in regards to why I choose Howa rifles over other brands of firearms, and what I...

An overview of an awesome Sako Carbonlight / Swaro Scope setup…

The Sako Carbonlight remains one of my favourite lightweight factory guns. It's build quality is phenomenal, its function sublime. While I get to setup and shoot a vast array of firearms, I am always happy to see a Sako turn up, because, with the right ammo, it is going to shoot! This 6.5 Creedmoor was no exception.

The Modern-Day Mauser:

I have long had a keen interest in military Mausers, so I was very keen to see how the modern offerings from the company...

Heavy and slow or light and fast? The projectile (and ammo) conundrum: Part one – Stability.

What first got me seriously pondering this question was a setup session recently, with a couple of similar rifle that had the same issue....

Overview – Ballistics ARC

Ballistics ARC is a ballistic solver - you put in your firearm information, and it outputs the amount you need to dial your scope...

Backlanz Detachable Bipod – The battle of the lightweight bipods!

Table Of ContentsThe CompanyThe OverviewInstallationBuildIn UseQuick DetachPan and CantThe lightest? The Best? I think I would likely be 'more succesful' if I didn't have a habit of saying what I though, irrespective of potential loss of favour with companies in NZ, but, I didn't originally...

Rapid Rifle Reports