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Kaipara Long Range Field Shoot

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Field Shoot

I was invited to come out and film a regular invitational field shoot north of Auckland.

Practical Field shooting has been around for a while in New Zealand – a response to the desire of shooters to get off the flat mount and start shooting in different positions at varied distances. Many times these are informal competitions held on a mates farm with a couple of people, but there are a couple of events that have steadily grown and become something a bit more.

Now, we have a series of Field Shoot competitions around New Zealand, and we are going to endeavour to get along to them and showcase them to the country.

First up – we have the Kaipara Long Range Shoot – 12 stages from 100 meters to 1060 meters – organised by Christian – Head Gunsmith at Beretta NZ and an absolute wealth of knowledge about long range shooting.

These competitions bring out a vast variety of shooters skills and equipment. From Tikkas and Sakos through to Blasers and an NZ built Hardy – and the owners are all more than happy to tell you all about their firearm.

This is one thing that still really impresses me about the competitive shooting sports – the willingness for those involved to share knowledge, tips and advise with people who are new. As much as it is a competition, the real purpose seems to be to increase the quality of shooters out there and ensure people enjoy themselves and improve their skill sets. Indeed, this ideology ensures that the competitions will continue to grow as the people involved up-skill and get hooked on what is a very engaging competition.


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