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“Kerry,you have my interests at heart which means we have a lot in common!
Look forward to the next chapter.”

Thanks for considering supporting the projects. This has been a bit of a passion project for me for many years now, but as you likely know, passion doesn’t always pay the rent.

I have pondered and moved through many different ways of trying to derive an income from what I get up to – but if you want the most direct, clearest way of supporting me – this is it.

Members (pretty much of any level) get access to some additional content – like the rifle reports I do, private Q&A session – and of course – my eternal gratitude for liking what I do enough to want to send some of your hard-earned cash my way to keep it all moving!

Many thanks. It truly is appreciated.

Cancel at any time, always retain my thanks!

“Sweet, thanks mate. Best money i spend a month, well worth it and already taking a lot from your content and putting it to use behind the rifle and general gun-based life!”
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One of the Blokes $15 per quarter – that’s $5 per month Select
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