1603, 2015

+-*No chilli tasting this week - but a range report, misfire and more!

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+-*My last trip to the Kaimanawas left me with a conundrum. Next time, was I going to take out the rifle, or the big camera?

+-*You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find decent photo's for this article. Search 'outdoors braces' and you are bound to get a pile of Lumberjack Costumes pop up.

+-*While I don't necessarily consider the roar to be 'peak season' for my hunting - in fact, there are a few good reasons to stay away from public land during this time of year - it's also a good time to revamp the related fitness regime.


+-*I ended up with around 100 rounds of 7mm08 and .308 to put down range over the weekend. Got to be happy with that.

+-*Preparing for the next range day. New primers, new load development. Fireforming.

+-*It's the one time of year where a pile of testosterone fueled males chase around after another bunch of testosterone males in the bush.


+-*It was an obvious choice to try and hunt down a NZ made pair of Jeans. Luckily, we have one of the best right here in little ol' NZ. Ande Whall!

+-*It's Friday afternoon, you have just got home from work, ready to open up a beer and celebrate the end of the week. There isn't any cold beer. Fail time.

+-*I realise I am probably behind the eight ball when it comes to Carbon Garage.

+-*Stalking the Seasons Round is a practical book covering the seasons and how they affect hunting deer.

+-*Spent the day changing over the handlebars to drag bars and pulling off the sprocket cover.