The week that was…

Well, that was another busy week and weekend! NZ's 1st Beard and Moustache Competition, followed by 2 days of crawling in the mud on a Tracking Course.

It’s here. The Nightster.

So, I thought I would get another bike, potentially equally ridiculous for daily riding - a Harley Davidson 1200N Nightster.

Out of hibernation

I have been on a bit of a hiatus recently - call it winter hibernation if you want.

It's seem to be a common though incorrect belief, that once you have purchased your new hi-tech waterproof but breathable modern feat of wonder jacket, that you don't need to do anything else with it.

I am typing this post with one hand. Its taking a lot longer than it should and really, is a right pain in the arse. I feel like a total numpty at the moment and it's completely my own fault.

So, what are your thoughts on Blaze Camouflage? Should it be mandatory? Do you wear it?

A PLB is a piece of electronics that is designed specifically to be a dedicated device of last resort to be used when all other avenues have been exhausted.


Outdoors Education

Boot lacing is a simple task - but there are a few tricks to be learnt.

Gear Evaluation

The Hunters Element Contour Pack - just the right size, full of features, nice and cool on the back.


Guest post from James Brown: Why should I keep a logbook?


Firearms & Marksmanship

I knew from the outset that I was going to be replacing the trigger.

Reloading & Testing

At some point, you have probably heard the term Ballistic Coefficient. People on ranges love to compare and argue about what bullet have a better BC. But what does it actually mean?


How does Hunters Element's new Veil Camo system work?



Bookers Single Barrel Bourbon is big and bold.

People & Places

I realise I am probably behind the eight ball when it comes to Carbon Garage.


Spent the day changing over the handlebars to drag bars and pulling off the sprocket cover.


Stalking the Seasons Round is a practical book covering the seasons and how they affect hunting deer.