This week - Hop Federation RED IPA, Hottt Ass Chillies Island Scorcher and a good example why you don't film in 24 under NZ Fluro Tubes. Don't forget - still a chance to enter the competition!


I just got myself a new SVORD 350B. Time for a Kydex Knife Sheath!

It's not like it's even a 'cheap' watch - but the face on my Garmin Tactix already has a scratch in the middle of it.


I got to the point where I really just wanted to fire the thing! But first, a bit of bore polishing.

The key to efficient reloading is ergonomics and economy of movement.

A quick trip. No animal sightings, but as always when I head out, lessons learnt.


It was an obvious choice to try and hunt down a NZ made pair of Jeans. Luckily, we have one of the best right here in little ol' NZ. Ande Whall!

It's Friday afternoon, you have just got home from work, ready to open up a beer and celebrate the end of the week. There isn't any cold beer. Fail time.

I realise I am probably behind the eight ball when it comes to Carbon Garage.

Stalking the Seasons Round is a practical book covering the seasons and how they affect hunting deer.

Spent the day changing over the handlebars to drag bars and pulling off the sprocket cover.