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September Update

It’s slowly progressing, but it’s progressing. A little shift in perspective has meant lots of things are going on in the background of The Bloke and it’s related projects. All good. All very good....

Solo River Crossing

Rivers are one of the greatest hazards in the New Zealand Outdoors. Errors of judgement often have serious consequences. There is an average of about three river-crossing deaths each year. Eighty per cent of these accidents are in flooded rivers or side-streams.


Connective Tissue

Slow cook tough cuts with some wine. We already know this. But are you interested to know why?


Time for a Navigation Course?

A couple of guys have approached me interested in doing a navigation course – map, compass and gps work. The day would consist of the fundamentals up front – how to orientate and use...


Deer Processing Course

The Bloke’s first ever practical seminar was a morning course on processing and butchering a deer. Richard at Balnagown¬†was kind enough to host us and share some of his expert wisdom. Ten lads showed...