This website is about getting you up and away from your electronic device and into the great outdoors.

However, before you do so, we hope to also impart some knowledge and skills that we have learn’t during our travels. Getting out is great. Getting out with the proper skillset to be safe and have fun, is even better.

While the older bushmen needed to do it the hard way, modern technology fused with time tested knowledge allows for a much more comfortable and productive experience. 

Inspiring active and adventurous lives through
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If this is your first visit to The Bloke, there can be a bit to take it. We have a lot on. Can I suggest heading over to our ‘getting started’ page for a bit of an orientation?

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The Bloke was started as a way for me to document and share what I was learning while out in the bush. Learn a little more about the history here.

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Hi there, this is Kerry – founder and editor for this site. 

Below I have detailed a couple of things you can do to get started and get involved on here.

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Not only website updates, but also extra articles and tidbits from around the web. Mostly related to the page. Some only loosely.

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Still figuring this one out – I have to remember to take more photo’s with the phone! More ‘behind the scenes’ and snapshot photography.

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The point of The Bloke has always been to share experiences and learning. Whether it’s researching a new hunting rifle or seeking the ultimate way to cook bacon as we find it, we post it here. We have been at it for a while, so there is a lot to read through – but you can start with the latest below, or click on the button and go down the rabbit hole.

Quick Tip: Better Stovetop Espresso

I recently learnt a couple of things I would like to share with you. You might like to try them out as well.

The Novice Butcher: From Field to Plate

I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned over the past three years to assist me with the harvest of these triple chaps.

Shades of Grey

Often, when people take a stand, they may decide to pin themselves hard up against a wall and refuse to budge. It can only be their way, and their way

My environmentalist is better than your environmentalist.

As opening weekend approaches, animal activist groups are becoming hot on their social media. The original posts are usually emotive, anthropomorphic, vague in detail and inaccurate. As a long term consumer of media, I can let most of those things go. But the comments! Oh, the comments.

Toddler Tramping – Arataki Nature Trail

We didn't quite make it last time - so this weeks walk was the Arataki Nature Trail - a short walk that features an excellent opportunity to identify several of New Zealand's most common trees right next to each other.

Hunters Element Edge Pouches

Hunters Element Edge Pouches - simple addition to customise your carry rig.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople Premiere

Through a slightly random occurrence (the wonders of the internet!) I found myself along at the premiere of Hunt for the Wilderpeople - Taika Waititi's adaption of Barry Crumps 'Wild Pork and Watercress'.

Kitekite Falls

The long weekend seemed to be an ideal opportunity to head out with the little girl for another day walk.

1. Treat every Firearm as Loaded

Firearms aren't inherently dangerous. They are, after all, simply a mechanical device that requires a specific series of manipulations to fire. Treating every firearm as loaded becomes the first principle that the follows rules build upon.


From what started as a simple blog, The Bloke has grown, hosting short courses, developing side projects and creating a platform for others to share their experiences as well.


Are you keen to learn more about the outdoors? Hunter Education, Bushcraft, Life Skills – we are putting together a selection of short courses to get you upskilled and ready for your next adventure.

I have taken the knowledge I have already accumulated, distilled it and honed it down to short, easily accessible courses. Taught by experts in their field, the courses are jam packed with information and designed to be a fun and hands on.

Read about some of our previous courses and book for the next one here!

Deer Processing Course – March 2016

Our recent course covered knives, firearms, deer skinning, gutting and processing.

Sheep Slaughter Course

Our first Sheep Slaughter course - another great day!

Deer Processing Course – November

Another great course! Many thanks to all the folk's who came along, Callum and Josh from Country Meat Processors, and of course, Richard from Balnagown Hunting.

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Other Sites

Precision Shooter is more focused on competition shooting – from pistol to long range. It’s a place to learn more about the skills as well find places and competitions to shoot at. 

The Gearlocker is our online store. Many of the products on it are ones originally tested and found through the articles for The Bloke. At some point I just figured out other people might also be interested in using them.


We have created an environment that appeals to the discerning, knowledgeable visitor. We are not the busiest site on the net, but we have high time per page and large amounts or returning visitors – people come here to learn.

For those providing suitable products and services, the sites provide a way to get in front of their customers. Through advertising and product showcases, we can help you get your product in front of people, without having to resort to the hard sell. At the same time, you support a movement working to create communities based around education and safety.

Get in contact.  Support a good thing. Lets see how we can work together.


The people behind the articles and the site.

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James grew up spending time in the bush with his Dad, hunting or helping him with his job at DoC.
Ironically, I am a person running a site about the great outdoors and struggling to get outdoors.
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Joseph is an airline pilot with a keen interest in the outdoors having grown up on a farm.
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