1604, 2015

April 16th, 2015|

+-*Lots to talk about this week. New month, new comp!


+-*My last trip to the Kaimanawas left me with a conundrum. Next time, was I going to take out the rifle, or the big camera?
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+-*OV Innovations are a small bespoke company based in Arizona, USA. They focus primarily on making great packs even better.

+-*It's a phenomenal time to be out, but it's also important to understand the effect on our vision.
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+-*Hey mate if I take stock off my rifle to clean after a wet Urewera road trip can it ruin my zero?

+-*Preparing for the next range day. New primers, new load development. Fireforming.

+-*"I had really just committed a basic but common mistake..."


+-*It was an obvious choice to try and hunt down a NZ made pair of Jeans. Luckily, we have one of the best right here in little ol' NZ. Ande Whall!
Urban Wear|

+-*It's Friday afternoon, you have just got home from work, ready to open up a beer and celebrate the end of the week. There isn't any cold beer. Fail time.
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+-*I realise I am probably behind the eight ball when it comes to Carbon Garage.
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+-*Stalking the Seasons Round is a practical book covering the seasons and how they affect hunting deer.
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+-*Spent the day changing over the handlebars to drag bars and pulling off the sprocket cover.
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