Welcome to The Bloke! The Bloke was set up with the purpose of gathering information into a resource for people heading out into the outdoors - be that in the form of tramping, backpacking or shooting. A lot of this website is me simply documenting things as I learn. I won’t claim to be an expert, but I do enjoy sharing what I find out.

This isn’t a site for proxy outdoorsman. So not many trip stories. The goal is provide you with the knowledge to get out there and make your own adventures.

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Single Walled Tents / Flys / Tarp Tents

Like the security of a double walled tent, but want to go lighter? How about going to a single walled tent?

Lifting the Veil: Digital Camouflage Systems

How does Hunters Element's new Veil Camo system work?

Disposing of ammo: Lyman Kinetic Bullet Puller

At some point you are going to have ammo you want to get rig of.