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Quietly, influencing choice for a decade.

“It would appear that you have “the power” with social media….
After posting the video yesterday we got about 120 views in a couple of hours, our best result to date.
After your share however it went up a little…. We gained 1200 views in 45 mins and now have 2484 people reached, outstanding! The Bloke has a bit of pull!
Thanks for your help with all of this, a fantastic result!”


Auckland Deerstalkers

The focus has always been on education. Showing people what they need and how to use it.
Instead of selling, we help purchasing decisions, go on the buying journey with the client; and all those other marketing cliches that every store and retailer claims to do in the marketing meetings, but dont actually get put into action.
No hard sells, no generic promotions to build a fake audience, just solid information that people take action on.

The following figures are from April, 2020.

Monthly Site Visits
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The majority of my readers are male. However, the split might not be what you expect - it sits right around 75/25 percent male/female and I get plenty of messages from females either getting into things themselves, or, looking for information to guide perchasing decisions for the blokes in their lives. Age wise, the small majority is in the 25-34 bracket, followed up by 45-54 then 35-44 years. It's really just an even spread from 25 to 65+ though.
It's hard to reliably drill down much more than - so I will talk about intent. I started this site to document my learning - so it can lean towards the basics. But - I learn quick - so there is now also plenty of deeper artilces - some of which are actually used as reference papers in places you might be supprised to hear know, but, just to sound mysterious (and some other, obvious reasons), I can't tell you much more about.
I am attracting a lot of new people looking to get into the outdoors, hunting and shooting. At the same time, these are people that like good coffee, nice food and well, some of the nicer things.
If I havn't made this clear in my language already - this means new customers for you.


I am based in NZ, and that is where the bulk (around 45%) of my readers come from. However, that is followed by 30% from America and the rest made up from Australia, the UK, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Ireland, France, Sweden and the rest of the world. This little ol' blog in NZ really does have an international following.
Locally, most my traffic comes from the metro centres - Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch. Palmerston North makes a supprise entry in the charts though! I am from Auckland. I am openly a hipster hunter. I talk with an Aucklanders accent. We also have the largest population base.

, Media & Marketing
, Media & Marketing


Around 60% of my traffic is from organic search - people looking for specific information. This source is a result of an intentionally long-tail content goal. It is providing information for people to use.
Second up, we have social - primarily Facebook. 30% comes from there.
Finally, 10% of my traffic comes from people who know the site are regularly visiting it by name to read what's new.
47% are on mobile, 45% on desktop and the rest tablet.

Associating knowledge with you product.

Sales 101 is associating a positive emotion to your product. Get the buying in a positive happy state, put your product in front of them. Simple. However, we have been doing it for so long now, that many of us are burnt out, and experience what is known as banner blindness.
But - adverts are what people know, provide a metric (CPM) and a traceable.
My readers are generally looking for information beyond a list of features from suppliers marketing. Like me, they are interested to see how they will solve their problems, sometimes even problems they have not even uncovered yet.
By providing knowledge and information that helps them better their lives and improve their skill set, we incorporate positive emotions (growth, self-betterment, success = happiness & fulfillment) but additionally, incorporate your product into the methodology of their thinking.

  • Long Tail Content - SEO rich
  • Explaining how the advantage of the features actually benefits the reader (FAB)
  • Backlinks to your site with special deals/vouchers as a call to action

Influencer Marketing

A modern term that I really hate. But, that's me!

Influencer. Whatever. Hopefully I just share some knowledge that a few people appreciate. It's not just about selfies - it's about education and training.
So. Here is the important bit. When you 'advertise' with me, you are supporting my project here at The Bloke. That means I am also going to spread your name and your product far and wide. It gets injected into conversations, it gets recommended when people ask what they need, it gets promoted in a pile of little ways that are impossible to quantify, but add up.
Another, very important differnce from the existing 'Influencer' culture - is this website. The content I do on here stays around, and, through automated systems, get re-posted online through the social channels. It's in my best interest to get people onto my site, which means peope viewing our projects together, over and over again.

Lets work together.

Read a little more about some of the groups and companies I have worked with and continue to help get out there.


Everyone knows Garmin. Deliverables Continuing a series of articles integrating product and knowledgeRepurposing of images for cross-promotion onlineInclusion into related articles on workflow

Inform and entertain your customers.

Beyond 'a review' or 'a feature' and into content creation and long-tail marketing.

Content Creation

I have always prefer the angle of providing content that is educational for the reader, and wrapping your product into it. It makes it more appealing to all readers, not just those looking for a review of a specific piece of gear.

Reviews and First Looks

Often, it's a case of me contacting a manufacter because of a product I like the look of and want to check out. I always want to go beyond the obvious and talk about how a user might acutally integrate it into their own use.

Social Media Shares

The obvious is Facebook - but Instagram as well. Not just a link to the article, but inclusion in stories and posts. Tagged, un-tagged - we work a balance of obvious 'sponsored' content and simple inclusion of the kit on what we do.

Banner Pricing

While content marketing really is king, it can be very hard to quantify the long tail results. The amount of items that I get informal feedback on after they have been purchased by a reader is staggering, but hard to put a number on. So - the mechanism to fund this content creation (because getting you to pay for a piece of writing is an even harder sell) is an associated ad.
We use a CPM or Cost Per Thousand pricing model. This means you only pay for impressions from our readers. If we don't get people seeing your advert, you don't pay for it. Simple, fair, quantifiable.
We are a focused, niche site. We can also segment further - so your advert will only be seen by people viewing firearms (or coffee) related posts and info only. Oh, the wonders of modern technology!
A weekly report updates you on views, click throughs, and generally, lets you know justify where your spend is going. In the background, you will notice that more units seem to be moving, and more people are talking about your product. Pat yourself on the back marketing team! Just be aware, it's probably not actually that print material ad you ran.

Get noticed!


$ 55 CPM
On the top of nearly every single page and article on the website! This won't get missed.
  • Top of every page
  • Mobile and Desktop
  • 4:3 Sizing Ratio


$ 45 CPM
Injected into articles and 'the loop'
  • On nearly every page on site
  • Can be targeted to specific article categories
  • Tall 1:2 sizing ratio

The Box Ad

$ 30 CPM
Box Advert on front page, and the bottom of every page on the site.
  • On every page on site
  • Squarel 1:1 sizing ratio

Details pricing is in NZD. Banners provided by client, but can be designed by us for an additional fee - get in touch. By default all adverts have a ref=nofollow tag on them. If you want the extra SEO juice, there is a surcharge.
All adverts will need to be approved by us before going live (and charging you).

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It is kinda the thing at the moment.

Watch with Us

Video content is getting more and more popular. We have always produced reviews, tutorials and other videos - but instead of getting lost in the mire of YouTube or Facebook - we host them here and bring viewers to us.

Pre & Post Roll

Because we control the viewing experience, we can also control the adverts before and after the video. Viewers are required to watch and advert at least once per day