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A constant learner with an inquisitive mind, Kerry created The Bloke as a way to share what he was learning from the community of experts he found himself surrounded by. Somewhere along the line, he picked up one or two things himself. But don't call him an expert.
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So – it’s pointless me making all this content for you guys to read and learn from is no-one gets to read it. And the point of The Bloke always has, and a will always be about sharing knowledge with people who would benefit from it.

Unfortunately, mention the word firearm, and things get a bit tricky. While my focus is safety and technique, as far as Instagram is concerned, I might as well be selling nuclear warheads to the highest bidder!

So – to get this stuff out to more people, and get more people involved with The Bloke, I need your help, and so, we are going to have a competition. For the rest of this month, and September, we are going to focus on Instagram.

It’s simple – follow the Instagram Page, tag your mates that might enjoy and benefit from reading the articles I write – and for each tag, you get an entry. You can enter as many times as you want, just tag more people! Tag each person on a new comment to maximise entries.

I will randomly draw one comment at the end of September, double-check you are actually following the page, and winner winner, chicken dinner!

And what do you win, you might ask? Well, for starts, a five-year subscription to The Bloke, which gives you access to all the articles and extra content, and, a little bit of a care package that I have put together.

So, help The Bloke continue to grow for another ten years, get some knowledge into you, and help share that knowledge with everyone you know.

So head over to – https://instagram.com/thebloke.co.nz – get commenting, get tagging, get in to win. See-ya!

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