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Why do I now use (and sell) the Labradar instead of the Magnetospeed?

Like many of us, I am always on the hunt for better ways of doing things. Sometimes even to a fault – if I can come up with a theoretical reason for an upgrade, that’s often enough to justify the spend.

However, there are occasional, real, physical reasons that a piece of equipment supersedes another, a disruptive technology I believe you call it, and the Labradar was one such case.

, Why do I now use (and sell) the Labradar instead of the Magnetospeed?

The Magnetospeed

Don’t get me wrong, I still really like, and would happily recommend a Magnetospeed (though always the V3 over the Sportster). It’s easy to use, accurate – and with the Picatinny adaptor, can also be used on some semi-automatic pistols and AR-style platforms.

However, for those who have been watching the launch of companies producing products specifically to overcome the shortcomings of the system, there are a couple of things that can/could/might be a bit of a negative – depending on your specific use.

, Why do I now use (and sell) the Labradar instead of the Magnetospeed?

Zeroing and chrono’ing at the same time.

In my experience (which seems to be fairly consistent with others) – attaching the MagnetoSpeed to the end of your rifle doesn’t change group sizing significantly – but – it can (and does) change point of impact.

Now, this may or may not make any difference to you. If you clearly separate the process of load testing and zeroing a rifle (and many of us do) – it won’t be an issue.

, Why do I now use (and sell) the Labradar instead of the Magnetospeed?

Quickly Changing over Rifles

The Magnetospeed is attached to a rifle. The Labradar isn’t. This makes switching a rifle over simply a case of picking it up and putting another down. Again – only a minor inconvenience, but still.

The Magnetospeed Advantage?

Until recently, the one big disadvantage of the Labradar was that you had to break position from behind the rifle in order to change settings or arm (i.e. record shots) the unit. You needed to get up, move to the unit, push the buttons, go back. Again – in the larger scheme of things, not really an issue – but – a little pain point.

This was, in theory, fixed with a recent release of a companion app for the Labradar – which, at the moment anyhow, for me, still seems buggy as all hell. A new release, likely really Beta software, I am sure it will improve quickly.

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