Whoa whoa whoa… where did Precision Shooter go?

Nowhere. It's still here. In fact, before Precision Shooter was Precision Shooter, it was The Bloke.

While it would be easy to say that rebrand was a result of the tragic events in recent history, it was actually a little while in the planning.

Where did Precision Shooter come from?

Originally, I ran a website called The Proof. That focused on Electronic Music Production, DJing and Live Performance. In many ways it was similar to this site now. I would go out and learn new things, and document them for others to learn from as well.

However, I slowly came to the realisaiton that being up at 5am in the morning, looking after a nightclub sound system, maybe wasn’t be the best lifestyle choice, and I wanted to get back into the outdoors and into tramping and photography once again.

In turn, this became adult onset hunting, shooting, and before I knew it, I was running three sites – The Bloke, Precision Shooter and The Gearlocker.

Something had to change.

Around a year and a half ago, several things aligned which prompted me to resign from my day role as an Operations Manager and focus on one of my projects. At the time, Precision Shooter seemed the most unique and obvious choice.

The goal was to make enough money to justify continuing to create content for the blog, as this was always the central interest I had. Leaning new things and documenting them.

The intent was to find income streams that could fund this project. This included eCommerce, sales of firearms and equipment and charging to set up shooting systems for people.

One year and several months

And, to be blunt, financially, I am broke.

For multiple reasons, the buisness model I was trying to work with hasn’t produced enough income to continue my focus and dedication to a niched website like Precsion Shooter. While I have heads of feedback and plenty of visits to the site and have built the largest dedicated shooting page in NZ on facebook (bigger than some of the organisations apparently representing NZ Shooters I do add) – this doesn’t translate into income. The eCommerce side of things is enough to pay the bills, but for me to really get it going, that needs to be the focus, and selling stuff never was.

I didn’t want to create a store, I wanted to create a resource and a community. It hasn’t worked, so I am going back to some ‘traditional’ work in the form of contract and consulting work in the Health & Safety and Operations realm. I do actually have a couple of social media managment prospects that are also quite interesting.

The community side of things has been an area of ongoing frustration for me as well. I saw the real need to promote and highlight the shooting sports to new shooters – as I became more and more aware that the general public really didn’t know about, and certainly didn’t understand how many people have firearms for target and sporting reason – beyond hunting. This has been highlighted yet again for me in the last couple of weeks, and1 has resulted, potentially in many of these sportspeople losing their firearms, and ultimately their sports in NZ.

Other things to talk about

The other challenge I was starting to face, is because I had niched down so much2 is that I was starting to think – ‘I cant post/write/update about that – as it won’t fit into the site’. This kinda was against the very point of the website in the first place – as I wanted somewhere online to basically express my thoughts and activities.

Feeling like I couldn’t write about something because it would be ‘off-brand’ was stupid. It’s not like it was making me huge amounts of niche money – so why should I hold back!

I have recently picked up a Land Rover Defender, and the goal is to build that up as a touring wagon to take my two little girls (and partner) touring around the country in. Not at all gun related, but something I am passionate about, and keen to share.

I am not about to start up a separate website and social accounts to do it – it takes me enough time just to manage keep updating the ‘one’ stream. So instead, it makes much more sense to ‘rebrand’ or more correctly, return to a brand where I can put up whatever I want because ultimately, I am, The Bloke.


To say the least.

In the last week, there has been a massive, uneducated and sorry to say, unfounded backlash against gun ownership in New Zealand.

Because of the actions of one individual, now it seems all gun-owners are a threat to the community. Regardless of the last 25 years of world-wide low incidents and what really is some of the best gun laws in the world.

That is not to say they can’t improve, but that’s for another article. But basically, I have become very aware that running a site dedicated to sports shooting in NZ has suddenly become very limited.

I don’t self identify as a ‘gun-owner’ – no more than I seld identify as ‘bearded’. In fact, when I realised I had walked myself into another corner after started another community, The New Zealand Beard Appreciation Society, I walked away once I realised people genuinely had trouble separating themselves and their beard.

That’s not me.

Whats to come?

Well – you can expect a slow rebranding of the site, social media and related items. I will add in the resource pages and services pages.

This has also meant it was an ideal time to speed up the mobile site, and include AMP features into it. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry – things should just be faster around here soon!

In the meantime though, if you still need help setting up a rifle, are looking for a new rifle, or want a chat, please do just get in touch. I can still help out. Just my focus is changing (reverting) a little. 😉

  1. though I am always aware of the echo-chamber that is Facebook 

  2. in theory good for sales, no so good for me 

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