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Triggernometry Show #46

Kerry Adams
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, Triggernometry Show #46

This Week

Welcome to The Triggernometry Show – your weekly update on all things Practical and Precision Shooting in New Zealand. My name is Kerry Adams, and thanks for tuning in!

First Promo Spot

Intro – competitions, new on site etc

  • I spent last Friday and Saturday with the folks from Stager NZ at Big Boys Toys – it was a great couple of days, and was very, very enlightening in regards to the lack of knowledge many of the general public have when it comes to firearms. Folks – it’s time we stopped preaching to the converted and made the effort to get out in front of non-shooters – not necessarily to convert them all to shooters – but to at least educate a little about what responsible firearms ownership looks like in NZ. Thanks to Joel for having me! Expect a bit more of an video up about my thoughts on the weekend soon!
  • This week, we have our a new review up on the site- UF PRO Striker HT Pants – https://thebloke.co.nz/uf-pro-striker-ht-combat-pants/ – these are potentially the ultimate shooting pant – and – feature the unique – ball vent system. Yes. Ball vents.
  • My long time coming review of the Bushnell 2-7 22AR Rimfire Scope is also up now – great scope, one fatal flaw – that may or may not be an issue for you – check it out –  https://thebloke.co.nz/bushnell-ar-optics-2-7x-32mm/
  • Our photo comp is still going on – let’s get a hashtag going for NZ sport shooting – pop over to our Instagram – http://instagram.com/shooternz – tag your shooting photos with #shooternz and be in to win!


, Triggernometry Show #46

Triggered – The Weekly Rant

  • RNZ’s Morning Report- ‘revelation’ that there are 13,000 MSSA rifles in NZ. I.e. E Category Firearms.
    • Kevin Clements was interviewed on this show, I am guessing as the ‘expert’ on the matter.
    • Listening to the show, we have to assume that Mr Clements is just confused when constantly referring to automatic firearms – as an automatic firearm sits under an even more restrictive set of rules than the Semi-Automatic MSSA firearms that I think, the conversation is meant to be about.
    • Kevin Clements – was using terminology like ’50 Cal Sniper Weapons’, Automatic Weapons and so on… if you don’t have a basic, basic understanding of the terminology – why are you speaking with apparent ‘authority’ on the matter? We don’t have automatic weapons on the loose around the country – those that are here – we do know exactly where they are – because they are registered, by serial number against the vetted owner, if in actual use, are in the hands of the Military. If you are talking about the mythical, unregistered, illegally imported ones, then what does that have to with lawful owners using them for legitimate sporting purposes? We don’t have to expect someone talking about a firearm to have to know how to field strip it to have a valid opinion. But, it seems acceptable to me at least, that an ‘expert’ should understand the legal difference and classification of the firearms they are having a specific, focused discussion about. They should at least, understand the difference between a semi-automatic, and an automatic.
    • Words, when discussing firearms are important. I own firearms, guns, not weapons. I have no intention of using my firearms against another human being. Using the word weapon has incorrect connotations for the majority of firearms owners in New Zealand. We don’t call a chef’s knives a slasher, nor a baseball bat a bludgeoning device. Words are important.
    • Professor Clements also mentioned that out of the US, Australia, Canada and us, we had the 2nd highest gun ownership. Again, simply not true. 22nd in the world – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estimated_number_of_guns_per_capita_by_country – interestingly – less than the US, Australia and Canada, but more than South Africa and Mexico.
    • Nicole McKee, while pointing out there are valid uses for MSSA’s in NZ, also needs to start mentioning the non-military shooting sports as well – yes, the Service Rifle association are active – we also have a very quickly growing group of shooters using MSSA, where their use is starting to void the term Military Style Semi Automatic and truly starting to justify the term – Modern Sporting Rifle. What I mean by that is this – IPSC Shooters, 3-Gun, Multigun have the same relationship to the military and most chefs have to Jack the Ripper – yes, they implement they are using is the same, but many of the guns coming into the country for these sports are becoming more and more focused on competition instead of military. In fact, many have features now that are frowned upon or even rejected by the military – a great example being the B.A.M.F. rifles from Cobalt Kinetics – GunsNZ have just landed some of these (only 2) – and one of the defining features – the magazine drop – has been condemned by many in the military as not practical! That’s because it is designed for a particular sport – not military use!
    • Because, from a time, before these shooting sports were prevalent, this style of firearm was designated a ‘MSSA’ – they are incorrectly identified right from the get go. Remember, in New Zealand, self defence is NOT an acceptable reason for having a firearm, so these are no weapons, they are sporting equipment.
    • I understand from a non-shooter – this all may sound as some really hokey justification for ‘high-powered-assault-rifles’ – and if you had asked me ten years ago if I thought I would ever be making this rant, I would have told you were crazy – but getting into the shooting sports, I saw this massive misrepresentation, massive misunderstanding, and massive miscommunication through pre-intent going on, and that is what this rant is on about, more-so than guns.
    • I could also go on about how so much of this is also likely clickbait now – but then I probably start sounding too cynical. Probably right at some level, but cynical.
    • I think we should be encouraging more discussion about firearms in the media, however, I think it’s also fair to expect a minimal standard of understanding about what we are talking about, before engaging in such conversations. And, to that end, if there are any journalists out there listening to this, hopefully because someone has shared this with you, I am more than happy to take interested parties out to a range and explain the functional and legal differences between guns at a media only event. Not in order to sway you one way or another on the gun issue – you may still walk away not wanting to have anything to do with guns – but to at least build a base level of understanding on the subject, so we can start to have educated discussions on the subject, rather than just ignorant rants.
    • Finally to those sporting shooters out there – maybe it’s time to also take a look at the Paintball and Pistol clubs in New Zealand – years ago, a conscious decision was made to move away from camo and militaristic overtones in our sports. It’s a paintball marker and you don’t rock up to an IPSC shoot in camo, and this was an attempt to differentiate our use, with the military’s use. Again, there is no denying that we are using much of the same technology – but as sports shooters, we need to understand, it’s because we aren’t making these differences clear enough to the general public, that we get articles and radio interviews like RNZ’s in the first place. No-one has a go at Trap Shooters for being ‘Military Style’ – though it is safe to say that plenty of Shotguns are used in the military. We need to make a personal effort to help remarket our sports and the sport, that it is.
    • https://psnz.info/2hWcvN5


, Triggernometry Show #46

New Equipment

  • GunsNZ have landed the Stormtrooper Guns! The Cobalt Kinetics B.A.M.F. Team Replica AR’s have landed – there are only 100 of these in the world and only 2 in NZ –  https://psnz.info/2haVEVQ – also – don’t forget their Typhoon 12 Gauge Semi-Autos – I got to have a play with one of these recently, and they are a ridiculous amount of fun!
  • Tactical Imports are about to land their Kriss DMK .22LR rifles – its great to see so many dedicated uppers coming out for .22s at the moment – expect a review soon – https://psnz.info/2hWyV0o – Grant also let slip he has an Alpine White Vector in .45ACP – and of course, this is also the guy bringing in the Nemo’s – 300 WinMag Semi Auto? Yeah. I would.
  • Press releases – product releases – to kerry@psnz.info please!
  • Something we missed this week that you were excited to see come out? Let us know in the comments below!

Community News

  • Impact Dynamics is putting out a series of ‘vocab’ videos – explaining some of the common terminology you hear at precision shooting eventshttps://psnz.info/2hVGN2a
  • The Alpine Long Range Shooting Competition was mentioned in a recent article on Stuff – specifically, an article on Jamie Hudson, who won the non-magnum class – a 14 year old girl, beating all the old fellas at a shooting competition. Excellent! https://psnz.info/2h9ZpuC
  • The World Benchrest Championships were recently held in NZ  – let me repeat that – the World Benchrest Championships – hear about that on the news? No? Huh. Well – congratulations to all those involved. https://psnz.info/2AzLlCp
  • What else is happening out there? Flick me an email!

Second Promo Spot

  • GunsNZ have refined and perfected the Typhon Shotgun for competitive use – check it out here – https://psnz.info/2hcN3lj


, Triggernometry Show #46

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