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The Hunters Element Vertical Pack

Strapped onto the back of the Stone Glacier Sky Talus 6900 (way overkill, but I wanted to take it for a walk) pack, I grabbed the Hunters Element Vertical Pack for a couple of reasons – firstly, I only wanted a 15l pack.

The intent was for a small pack to simply hold some food, a jacket and some other small kit. I already had the Bushbuck BinoBro on my front, so small and light was the go. Additionally, I was after something in a solid colour.

Less Camo

This has been an intentional choice recently – as I want to be able to use my gear for things other than hunting (seeing as I don’t get out as much as I might like) and I don’t need camo in my life most of the time. Sure, it’s a look, but it actually isn’t my look.

I was actually looking for a pack without a waist harness – I don’t really see the point of one on a pack this small – and – I had a solid belt on with the PracMed IFAS and a water bottle holder on it – so I wasn’t planning on using it regardless. However – as it turned out – I wanted it before the trip – and most people only carry camo versions of things these days – so this was my option!

If I get out more and can justify some dedicated camo/hunting gear – then sure – back to a pattern – however, the OCD in me doesn’t like mixing patterns – so having things in a block colour also lets me mix and match as well.

In short – it worked well. Was slim enough that it didn’t restrict movement, it didn’t catch on anything, it held just what I needed.

Hunters Element Vertical Pack, The Hunters Element Vertical Pack

Less straps though, please.

As previously noted, I would happily have had it without the waist belt. In addition, the ‘compression straps’ on the side seemed to bunch the pack up, so I just left them loose, and, the webbing on the back seems to be totally unneeded. I don’t think many people would be tying much to the back of this pack – it just seemed to be something else that things could get hooked into (though nothing did).

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