The Howa 1500 Short Action

Cost-effective Japanese precision rifles with an option for pretty much everything.

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I often get asked…

I often get asked questions in regards to why I choose Howa rifles over other brands of firearms, and what I do to make them shoot well. So, what better way to answer these questions than write an article that covers most of it, and hopefully, doesnʼt come off sounding like a paid advertisement, I wish it was but I have to pay for all of this gear out of my own pocket!

Now this article will be based around the idea of assembling a rifle for the increasingly popular precision field style shooting events we have in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. So what kind of rifle is required for these events? Well just about anything centerfire with a half-decent scope will work, but for me itʼs a short action chambered in a cartridge that uses the 308 parent case, and can use 10 round detachable box magazines, the rest is then
dependent on your own needs or style.

First thing Iʼll go over is the large selection of options that Howa offer to suit what direction you want to take your project. There are complete rifles setups that are ready to mount a scope on and go or barrelled actions that you then assemble with your chosen parts as you see fit. For the sake of this article not being too long, Iʼll just go over the barrelled actions and leave the complete rifle options for another time.

, The Howa 1500 Short Action

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