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The Carnivore Diet – the ultimate justification for eating more meat?

Eat just meat. It sounds like a great premise for a diet, but, like many things in life, the carnivore diet actually contains a lot more subtleties than the title might suggest.

This is not a new concept. There have been plenty of cultures living on all meat based diets for a long, long time. Certainly, the new focus, and new science has only developed recently, but it’s incorrect to state that we don’t have the history or body of evidence to say people don’t live, and thrive on this diet.

If my memory serves, the first time I head about the carnivore diet was via Mark Bell – a youtube channel that I had been following for quite some time. It popped up again via Jordan Peterson, but it wasn’t until I head Dr. Paul Saladino pop up on the Meat Eater Podcast that I got a bit more interested in the whole movement. What really piqued my interest was that Saladino was pushing for nose to tail eating – trying to make it very clear that just eating steak was not a good idea, and that the organ meat, in addition to the muscle and fat was where the benefit was to be had.

It sounded like a much more ’rounded’ approach that just justifying eating nothing but steak, so, I ordered the book, started reading up, and decided to try it out.

I am/was not interested in ‘weight loss’ as such – I was more focused on overall health, energy level stabilisation and basically, feeling good and full of life!

A bit of my history

So, it is worthwhile at least covering off a bit my eating/medical history – but each of ours is different, as is our body composition, metabolism and so on. Sure, we share many factors (we all, generally, have all the same internal organs, and digestion works similar for most of us), but, we all have our own individual factors that can contribute to specific diets working, or not working for us.

As a baby, I was ‘lactose intolerant’ – but that, I mean I wouldn’t keep milk down well. As a kid, I had issues with eggs, egg albumin immunisations being a particular issue.

carnivore diet, The Carnivore Diet – the ultimate justification for eating more meat?
Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

As a teen, young adult, I continued to have issues with eggs, though, it became apparent it was actually a wider issue with protein on the whole. I was exercising, lifting weights and drinking protein shakes – and often I would get a fairly bad reaction to taking down a pile of protein in one go. Stomach cramps, swelling, the works. More than once I would end up on the bed in the fetal position not wanting to move. I did seem to build up a tolerance to this over time – though, I guess it was a tolerance – and it potentially wasn’t doing me any favours. Incidentally – Soy Protein shakes, and even Pea based shakes would give me the same result – I tried most of them. Isolate, Slow absorption, high-carb, low-carb…

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