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KRG Bolt Lift – Remington 700 Build

The KRG Bolt Lift is one of those simple, but very cool and useful modifications you can put on your rifle. Even modification might be too strong of a word, because it's simply screw on, screw off with no permanent change to your bolt handle.

XLR Element Chassis – the Remington 700

What a difference! The rifle already shot well (by my standards) but simply changing the chassis over shrunk it significantly.

OCW Testing with the .308 Build

Spent a day testing some new reloads - 155 Scenars and 2206H.

Picatinny Rail Installation

Picatinny Rail Installation I am getting closer to actually firing the new rifle! Wowsers.Most modern Bolt-Actions don't come with any form of sights on them. The...

Timney Trigger Installation

As part of my ongoing 700SPS Rifle Accurising project, I knew from the outset that I was going to be replacing the trigger. Generally, the X-Mark Pro has had bad reviews - hell - they even recalled many of them - so, even without bothering to fire it, I replaced the trigger.

700SPS Centerfire Rifle Accurizing – Bore Inspection and Lug Lapping

With Nathan Foster's 'Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing & Maintenance' in hand, I started the first step in preparing my new Rem 700 build. First up was an initial inspection of the rifle bore and action and testing that we had good, even lug engagement.

Range Day – March 7th

I ended up with around 100 rounds of 7mm08 and .308 to put down range over the weekend. Got to be happy with that.

Bore Polishing and first fire!

I got to the point where I really just wanted to fire the thing! But first, a bit of bore polishing.

Picatinny Rail Installation

Time to install a picatinny rail for optics mounting.

Timney Trigger Installation

I knew from the outset that I was going to be replacing the trigger.
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