Social Media Management

Make facebook easy!

Facebook doesn’t need to be a massive chore or timesink. But, a well put together and regularly updated Facebook page can lift your company profile and tap into a massive market.

Let us help setup and manage your social pages. Leaving you to do the important stuff, life, running your buisness.

Why Us?

Fair question.

There are lots of small social media management companies out there. All vying for your business. Instead of trying to be yet another one of those, I (meaning, me, Kerry) made a conscious decision to just focus on companies within my area of interest – the outdoors, hunting and shooting sector.

After a few years of running my own social media channels, I have become very aware of what you can, and can’t do on Facebook, especially when involving hunting, game animals and firearms. In addition, I am already scouring the internet for interesting and relevant content to share with either The Bloke or Precision Shooter – and much of it is also suitable for your customers to check out.

And, of course, letting me help out, also supports the work I do on The Bloke and Precision Shooter – because to be blunt – much of what I do on the sites, doesn’t actually make money at all.


“It would appear that you have “the power” with social media….

After posting the video yesterday we got about 120 views in a couple of hours, our best result to date.

After your share however it went up a little…. We gained 1200 views in 45 mins and now have 2484 people reached, outstanding!

The Bloke has a bit of pull! Thanks for your help with all of this, a fantastic result!”

Dougall Cameron,
North Auckland Deerstalkers

Step One

Create your brand’s page or spruce up an existing one.

Don’t have a facebook page? That’s ok. We can help out there. Either setting a page up from scratch or working with an existing one, we will make sure all the information is correctly entered and optimised as well as helping out with a great cover image and profile picture.

Step Two

Posting and Sharing

After an initial conversation with you, so we can understand the brand voice and values, we will start putting together posts to be shared on your behalf.

Updates and posts will always be relevant to your business – news, images, product and service updates, business milestones and other interesting and engaging content we are constantly looking for online.

We can also set up and manage your Facebook competitions and special promotions including sales, product launches and more. We can assist you with any creative campaigns you would like to explore to engage more people with your brand, drive them to your website, and increase your sales.

Step Three

Reporting and Refining

We will regularly be checking in – see what is happening in the business that we can utilise as content, as well as keeping you updated on what is happening on your page.

Responding to messages on your social profiles

Don’t get caught up in the same questions.

If you have want us too, we can also take over the communications through the page. Often, the same questions will come in, over and over – so we can create simple, stock answers and quickly get back to your customers. Anything tricky, and we can notify and forward the request to the appropriate person.

We are also able to build a Messenger Bot for you – even simpler – the system automatically responds to the main questions that come up and can direct people to take further actions – websites, FAQs, pictures – if you can think of it, we can probably set it up.

How many posts do you want?


$249 per month

  • 3 new posts or videos to Facebook per week
  • Monitoring of social activity
  • Email Support
  • Monthly Report
  • Automated re-use of existing content

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$389 per month

  • 5 new posts or videos to Facebook per week
  • Monitoring and responses to social activity
  • Email and Skype / Phone Support
  • Monthly Report
  • Automated re-use of existing content

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$599 per month

  • Daily new posts or videos to Facebook per week
  • Monitoring and responses to social activity
  • Email and Skype / Phone Support
  • Weekly Report
  • Automated re-use of existing content

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Your Options

Facebook Setup

$199 one off

  • Create customised Facebook Page
  • Utilising Brand Logo and Design Elements
  • Add cover image, profile image
  • Complete About, Links and related sections
  • Link to main website and other pages, as appropriate.

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The Spruceup

$99 one off

  • Update an existing Facebook Page
  • Optimise existing content as required
  • Refresh cover image if needed
  • Ensure all sections are complete and correct
  • Link to addition sites, if needed.

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FAQ Sheet

$199 one off

  • Collected the most asked questions and create answers for them
  • Create document incorporating company logo and design elements
  • Create shareable PDF and host online for sharing
  • Share links for both our and internal company use

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$250 per month

  • 2-3 enhanced images uploaded per week
  • Key influencer targeting, to find influential users with a relevant following
  • Hashtag research to find valid tags to add to your uploads, raising your Instagram profile
  • Weekly Report

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Need more information? Not sure what it all means? Just get in contact and let us explain what we do, and how it can help you.

Need help managing your social?

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