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    Sika Show 2018 Recap

    Firearms Licencing Update – renewals and new applications

    Not sure what is happening with the firearms renewal process? Or have a new licence application in?

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  • PracMed Stop The Bleed Course

  • Supporters get to see these as soon as they are released. Get in before the crowds!

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    Taranaki Long Range Shooters & Join My Hunt

    Graeme from Taranaki Long Range Shooters

    Ras from Join My Hunt

    Starting us off, a good chat with the lads.

    If you are looking for a community to join and get out shooting. Check out the Taranaki Long Range Shooters Group – these guys have grown in size rapidly, setting up regular gong shoots and competition and forming a very active online community.

    Beretta NZ and SportEar


    Protect those ears! I like the fact these are actually custom tuned to your hearing.

    Beretta NZ, Tikka, Sako – the new T1X!

    Beretta NZ

    The 22LRs are coming! But we get a first look at the T1X platform.

    Simon Gillice from Gillice Practical Events

    Gillice Practical Events

    Get down to one of his shoots soon!

    Twin Needle

    Twin Needle (and I just spotted a new website!)

    Day Two, Matt and I have a chat.

    Andrew from Legend Hunting Gear (Movie Armourer)

    Legend Hunting Gear

    Part of the firearms community you don’t always hear much about.

    Steve from Southford Labs

    Southford Labs

    Looking forward to playing with the new stock! (Especially when I get my mitts on a leftie!)


    The Sika Show 2016!

    Overall, the Sika Show is going from strength to strength, and I would strongly suggest it belongs on the annual calendar of anyone interested or involved in the outdoors in NZ.

    SIKA SHOW 2016 – From the perspective of an overseas visitor

    Sika Show is fast becoming one of the “pilgrimage shows” that I have to attend annually in New Zealand. My wife and I will...

    Sika Show 2015

    The Sika Show 2015 was held this year at the Taupo Events Centre, just a stone's throw away from the famous Lake Taupo, a beautiful resort town that draws tourists from all over. At 8:35am, crowds were already filling up the car park in front of the event hall, all eager to get in.
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    • thebloke.co.nz

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    ROAD iD – emergency id for yourself, your loved ones.

    Piece of mind means doing all you can to ensure, should the need arise, your kids will be safe, even when lost or separated from you. ROAD iD is a smart method of managing ICE (in case of emergency) details for yourself and your family.

    Rifle Scope 101 – choosing your first scope

    Yet again, I had a client in that had been sold the wrong setup.

    VRTBR C7 Pants and Parka – more thoughts

    I have had the VRTBR C7 Pants and Parka for several months now, and much like the Thermal Fleece Layer, every time I put them on, I revel in just how awesome they are. Since the day I first unwrapped the package, waxed paper, wax seal and all, I have marvelled at just how nice hunting clothing can actually be.

    Radix Nutrition – food for hunters and adventurers

    Radix Nutrition is an exciting new freeze dried food company that already has turned some heads with their range of nutritious performance meals. Their concept of freeze-dried nutrition with 100% natural ingredients (organic where possible) is as simple as the “just add water” instructions.

    How much magnification do I need in a rifle scope?

    While many people assume that you need more zoom the further you get out, more zoom comes with its own downsides.