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Sako 85 wooded .270

Some rifles you pick up and just go... huh... that's nice.

Kerry Adams
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I am still a sucker for wood. Especially wood that looks and smells as good as this rifle did!

Clients rifle – Sako 85 (I think older deluxe model?) chambered in .270. Swarovski Z5 on top.

This was a beautiful rifle. But man did it bark! I still have the bruses on my collar bone.

Collar bone you say? Yes. Over the last couple of years my shooting position has changed, part of that being that the rifle has become more and more centered, to the point where it basically sits on my collar bone directly under my eye now (not the ‘sholderpocket’).

For most guns I shoot – either smaller cartridges, or, bigger with muzzle devices on them, this really isn’t an issue. It’s about recoil management, no macho points.

, Sako 85 wooded .270

However, a .270 with nothing on the end of the barrel does kick a bit more when the recoil pad is sitting on top of that bone, and as I shot it, I found myself pushing it out further and further into that fleshy pocket, and, of course, the rifle started jumping up and across my centreline.

Additionally, the rifle stock isn’t symmetrical – the palm well and check riser are optimised for right handed shooting. It didn’t make it uncomfortable or hard to shoot – but it was noticeable.

However, it still shot sweet. Just not something I would shoot much.

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