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Sako 85 Laminate .270

Dejavu, but not really. A suppressor makes a world of difference on the .270!

Had another Sako 85 in .270 out to set up – this one had the laminate stock and was wearing a Leupold Vx5 on top.

It also had a Hardie suppressor on the end. Made the gun a lot more comfortable to shot, and, interestly (for those wondering) compared to last week’s one – only shot 5 fps slower – which, in the bigger picture is possibly also the result of a temperature difference, or just a statistical error. In other worlds – no – your suppressor potentially won’t change the speed of your gun.

, Sako 85 Laminate .270

I can only say it again – the Sakos are so smoooooth! This guns action, trigger, everything just comes together so nicely.

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