Nothing accentuates a road trip like a good playlist.

And here is mine.

I spent over a decade producing, DJ and playing music live - so, it tends to lean heavily toward the electronic, and a bit towards the eclectic.

This is actually a collaborative playlist, so, if there is something else you think that is worth listening too - please feel free to add it!

Poronui – a slice of heaven in NZ.

Looking for somewhere to escape to?

A place to unwind, relax, be remote from the hustle and bustle of the world, yet at the same time, not want for anything? The beginning of the year is the time to recharge, refocus and get ready for the year ahead. What better time to head away as a family to one of the countries most exclusive luxury lodges for a couple of days of R&R.

Camping Hacks – The Clothesline

A simple, but extremely effective clothesline for your campsite.

The first night in the Crows Nest

Was, well, a success and a total failure at the same time… 😉

Picking up the rooftop tent.

The first step on our journey with rooftop tenting, was, unsurprisingly, getting a rooftop tent. We popped over to Feldon Shelters to get ours installed.