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Please don’t associate me with a killer.

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So, for me to ‘get a gun’ like either of the guns everyone is on about at the moment – I have to –
  • Go through three police background checks.
  • Have myself, my partner and three people who know me interviewed by the police on my suitability for me to hold these licenses (two of which had to have existing firearms licenses).
  • Have a police office visit my house to approve the method in which I was going to store it. 6mm Steel Safe, Bolted in multiple points to a wall and floor, dual locking, etc…
  • Undergo around six months of training at a club.
  • Actively participate in a club, with a minimum of 12 shoots per year.
  • Get the gun club I belong to approve the purchase.
  • Have the firearms, by serial number, registered against my name.
  • Ongoing annual ‘audits’.
Apparently now, the police are also looking to enter my photo into a national database, so that every time I come up on CCTV, say, taking my kids out in public – my name will flag something, somewhere, identifying me as a gun owner. Biometric Profiling.
So please, don’t mistake NZ for America and please don’t mistake me for a killer.
Also, please don’t stereotype and stigmatise people who use firearms for sport and hunting food. I have met some of the kindest and most welcoming people at gun clubs. It’s a community. Like any other.
Unless of course, from what you know of me, you would class me as a cold-blooded killer – then your perception of the ‘average’ gun owner is probably totally wrong.
These are sick individuals. Individuals, not a group of people. No, he shouldn’t have had access to these firearms, but more so, the issue is that he was a psycho that decided it was ok to take life.
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