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Nikon P900 Camera – phenomenal, for the money.

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While I had developed a system that allowed me to get some great long range video with my existing setup of a Canon 5d MkIII, utilising the 5.6 400m lens and a ‘hack’ in the form of Magic Lantern and it’s sensor zoom feature, I was keen to also find a simpler, lighter solution.

I had seen the P900 camera around a bit online and was keen to check it out.

There is already plenty of reviews for this camera online – like herehereand here – and they are all much more in-depth than I would do – so I won’t rehash it all again.

Unfortunately, it was only a quick loan – so didn’t really get to test it like I would have liked. Am I looking to purchase one? Maybe. The one issue I have with it is that you can’t plug in an external microphone – and good quality sound is important to me – especially if I want to do double duty with it for ‘blogs’ or quick field interviews.

Maybe, it might be a case of forgoing the extra bit of zoom, for a slightly better image quality and plugability in something like the Canon SX


Build Quality
Fit for (my) purpose
Value for Money
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  • thebloke.co.nz

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