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My current choices in Hunting Clothing

Oh, man. Technical clothing. I have been through a bit of it, read a lot more on it, and there is always more to test. However, I suppose, it would make sense for me to start a little with my experience with some New Zealand brands, their failings, their strengths and the future.

“Hi Kerry

I’m looking to update my hunting clothing as it is about 15 years old. Looking at getting some trousers and a shirt.

Previously have gone with Stoney Creek and had no problems. So my go to would be that.

However, there are quite a few more brands on the market these days. For example, Hunters Element. I had a look at their site and all looked good – but then read some not so good reviews – but they were from 2017 so things may have changed since then.


– One of the Blokes.

The never-ending quest…

It all began with…

Back then, which is not really that long ago, it all seemed to primarily be different flavours of fleece clothing. To be fair, a lot of it still is. A lot of Kiwi hunters seem to be content with the material and loose fit of boxy designs. I did skip the generation of Swanni’s and wool, which is ironic, considering the direction I am looking to head these days.

I went through the shorts and thermals stage – with gaiters as well. Buy the time you got that all on you were pretty close to wearing trousers anyhow. However, bush hunters tend to cross streams quite a bit – so that system works well in many areas. Though, I always prefered trousers and found myself leaning towards them anyhow.

Hi there. Want to read the rest of the article? I talk about some of the brands I have had experience with, both local and international, as well as some of my conclusions on products and their use.

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