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Do you feel you are getting more than 10c of value from The Bloke a day?

Then maybe you would consider supporting the site directly. You get extra content, downloads and ultimately, help keep me going. The business model for the site leans heavily towards reader support, instead of 'money for reviews' - which is the traditional model of magazines. This tends to tilt the information you get from them in the favour of the advertiser and often reduces reviews to a rewritten press release anyhow. We do have business partnerships, but they are initiated from my end - the product I want to use, and work to get a good deal on. I spend the money and make the mistakes, so you don't have to. So yes, it might be a little more than others, but it is worth it.  😉

The Bloke was set up to provide information and impartial review of new products. As well as provide a bit of entertainment to modern Blokes (and the ladies, of course).

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