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//this script will hide show billing fields based on the price set jQuery(document).ready(function() { //bind other field toggle to dropdown change jQuery('#donation_dropdown').change(function() { pmprodon_toggleOther(); });

//bind check to price field var pmprodon_price_timer; jQuery('#donation').bind('keyup change', function() { pmprodon_price_timer = setTimeout(pmprodon_checkForFree, 500); });

if(jQuery('input[name=gateway]')) { jQuery('input[name=gateway]').bind('click', function() { pmprodon_price_timer = setTimeout(pmprodon_checkForFree, 500); }); }

//check when page loads too pmprodon_toggleOther(); pmprodon_checkForFree(); });

function pmprodon_toggleOther() { //make sure there is a dropdown to check if(!jQuery('#donation_dropdown').length) return;

//get val var donation_dropdown = jQuery('#donation_dropdown').val();

if(donation_dropdown == 'other') jQuery('#pmprodon_donation_input').show(); else jQuery('#pmprodon_donation_input').hide(); }

function pmprodon_checkForFree() { var donation = parseFloat(jQuery('#donation').val());

//does the gateway require billing? if(jQuery('input[name=gateway]').length) { var no_billing_gateways = ['paypalexpress', 'twocheckout', 'check', 'paypalstandard']; var gateway = jQuery('input[name=gateway]:checked').val(); if(no_billing_gateways.indexOf(gateway) > -1) pmpro_gateway_billing = false; else pmpro_gateway_billing = true; }

//is there a donation? if(donation || pmpro_pricing_billing) pmpro_donation_billing = true; else pmpro_donation_billing = false;

//figure out if we should show the billing fields if(pmpro_gateway_billing && pmpro_donation_billing) { jQuery('#pmpro_billing_address_fields').show(); jQuery('#pmpro_payment_information_fields').show(); pmpro_require_billing = true; } else if ( 'check' !== gateway ) { jQuery('#pmpro_billing_address_fields').hide(); jQuery('#pmpro_payment_information_fields').hide(); pmpro_require_billing = false; } }

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//hide/show functions function showPayPalExpressCheckout() { jQuery('#pmpro_billing_address_fields').hide(); jQuery('#pmpro_payment_information_fields').hide(); jQuery('#pmpro_submit_span').hide(); jQuery('#pmpro_paypalexpress_checkout').show();

pmpro_require_billing = false; }

function showCreditCardCheckout() { jQuery('#pmpro_paypalexpress_checkout').hide(); jQuery('#pmpro_billing_address_fields').show(); jQuery('#pmpro_payment_information_fields').show(); jQuery('#pmpro_submit_span').show();

pmpro_require_billing = true; }

function showFreeCheckout() { jQuery('#pmpro_billing_address_fields').hide(); jQuery('#pmpro_payment_information_fields').hide(); jQuery('#pmpro_submit_span').show(); jQuery('#pmpro_paypalexpress_checkout').hide();

pmpro_require_billing = false; }

function showCheckCheckout() { jQuery('#pmpro_billing_address_fields').show(); jQuery('#pmpro_payment_information_fields').hide(); jQuery('#pmpro_submit_span').show(); jQuery('#pmpro_paypalexpress_checkout').hide();

pmpro_require_billing = false; }

//choosing payment method jQuery(document).ready(function() {

//move paypal express button into submit box jQuery('#pmpro_paypalexpress_checkout').appendTo('div.pmpro_submit');

//detect gateway change jQuery('input[name=gateway]').click(function() { var chosen_gateway = jQuery(this).val(); if(chosen_gateway == 'paypalexpress') { showPayPalExpressCheckout(); } else if(chosen_gateway == 'check') { showCheckCheckout(); } else { showCreditCardCheckout(); } });

//update radio on page load if(jQuery('input[name=gateway]:checked').val() == 'check') { showCheckCheckout(); } else if(jQuery('input[name=gateway]:checked').val() != 'paypalexpress' && pmpro_require_billing == true) { showCreditCardCheckout(); } else if(pmpro_require_billing == true) { showPayPalExpressCheckout(); } else { showFreeCheckout(); }

//select the radio button if the label is clicked on jQuery('a.pmpro_radio').click(function() { jQuery(this).prev().click(); }); });

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