Managing social media with CoSchedule

Managing social media accounts, when trying to promote something (like this blog) can become a massive time suck. This is how I use CoSchedule to help out.

So, I don’t really like spending time on Facebook. It’s become a festering whirlpool of badly formulated opinion circling a waste hole leading to an echo-chamber of outrage. At least, it seems to way some days.

Regardless, it’s really easy to just pop over to check something out, and end up spending far to long browsing Memes and other items that might seem of interest, but don’t really push forward any goals or actual real life improvements. I would prefer to be learning and writing about things related to The Bloke, or, out with the kids, partner, or even in the back block shooting.

Luckily, there is an entire community/industry formed around managing and running social media, and while I am not an agency, nor really making huge amounts of money out of it, I have tried a lot of the different software suites and keep returning to one. CoSchedule.

In addition, now that The Bloke has been around in various formats for so long, I have a pile of good, evergreen content that needs to be re-shared and reused. People I have recently met will often ask me a question that I have already covered, and its good to have that content out there still being read and useful to people.

However, I could spend hours each day just loading up posts into Facebook, Instagram and so on – and while plenty of people do, I really am less about the platform it’s on, and more about the content itself – hence – wanting to pull people back to my site wherever possible.


Enter CoSchedule

Basically, CoSchedule allows me to pre-plan, preload and automate my social media article posting. Then I am free to just add in stories and comments as I see fit, have time and inclination. But, if I am off-grid for any period of time – I know there is still new content being put up for people to enjoy and learn from. When I return, I can catch up on any questions.

It also means I don’t constantly need to be on my phone, adding posts in the middle or end of the day, when I better doing actual work, or, playing with the kids.

In addition, it means I can plan everything out within one page – inside WordPress, which is what this whole website runs on – in one page I can load it up into Facebook and Instagram (other platforms if I used them) – add photos/video, and also load up a repost a week later, then, load it up into a library/back catalogue that can be automatically called upon when I need to fill some gaps in the posting schedule.

Company/Individual Pricing

I should note – I originally signed up under a Business Account, which, for the cost, was a bit overkill, considering this is really a personal ‘blog’ not a full business (just ask the accountant).

I scrapped the service a while ago, due to cost, but recently, after still wanting a method to manage things, went back to the site, looked around, and realised there was actually individual pricing as well (down below the other pricing, little clickable link, missed it first time around). This is a lot cheaper, and removes a lot of things I really didn’t need anyhow (team members, in-depth reporting, etc).

In addition, it has a Referral Plan – which – if you are interested in checking out – you can do over here – – signing up that way flicks me back a discount, and, could really save you a lot of time and headache if you are running a site like this.

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Kerry Adams
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