Kriss DMK22 – 22 AR Platform Rifle

So hipster, much swish.

There is a lot of 22 Comps going on at the moment. Field Shoots, IPSC Mini – it’s a great time for Practical Rimfire Comps – so it also makes sense that there are a pile of new options coming out for 22 shooters on the AR platform. The DMK22 is another great example.

Tactical Imports has just landed some of the Kriss (of Kriss Vector Fame) DMK22 – a dedicated 22 Rimfire on an ‘AR’ platform.

Grant brought one of the DMK22’s in to check out.



There are several features on the DMK22 that I really like – a big one being that it has last round bolt hold open – just like a full sized AR would. This is cool for two reasons – it means you don’t end up hearing the ‘click’ as you pull the trigger on an empty magazine (as I have done several times on the 10/22) and it forces to the manipulate the firearm just like you would a .223 or other varient. This is great if you also want to use this firearm as a 3Gun/MultiGun/IPSC Rifle trainer.

It uses a full-size magazine – so again, ideal for training and practising manipulation.

It lets you add on or swap out most AR platform accessories and, accepts 99% of 10/22 barrels available on the market.


It’s such a good time to be a competition shooting in NZ! If you haven’t tried it out already – get out for a practical match – a 10/22 is a great starting point – and you can then decide if you want to get something a little more dedicated to the sport!


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