About Kerry Adams

I seek to

Underpinning everything I do, is a genuine desire to help people on their journey. Through my own experimentation and learning, serving people by sharing my what I learn.

Don’t call me an expert.

A little about Kerry (me)


Father of two insanely cute little girls (the psychological warfare has already started!), nearly 40, explorer both of the outside world and the capabilities of the human mind, writer, reviewer, nice chap.

Atlas Spikes

My father is one of those tradesmen who truly justifies the term ‘craftsman’. Going beyond just functional, I was taught the importance of taking pride in your work, doing your best work and exceeding the expectations of the client. It’s the details that matter and end the end, do indeed get noticed.

My mother is a nurse. Originally triage, through to public health, then eventually an OSH Inspector. I learnt genuine concern for others – a drive to be able to ensure the safety and health of those around me. I also learn that first aid doesn’t need to be pretty. Just effective. Between the two of them, I learn compassion, love and so many other things. Thanks to you both!

Over the years, I have developed a drive to be constantly learning. My brain craves stimulation. For a long time, that was met through gaming (ARMA – ShackTac Clan Member) but I realised that I was much better served instead focusing that drive on learning, condensing and disseminating information that would be of use to myself and others.


  • Beginners Bushcraft
  • Intermediate Bushcraft
  • Advanced Bushcraft
  • Risk Management
  • River Safety
  • Outdoors First Aid
  • Outdoor Leaders
  • Above the Bushline
  • Outdoor Emergency Management


  • National Certificate Level 3 in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Hazardous Goods Approved Handler, MPI Biosecurity Facility Operator – Sea and Air Containers
  • National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation (Leadership) (Level 3)


  • Firearms Practical Safety Instructor (MSC/NZ Police)
  • Range Officer – NZ Deerstalkers, Pistol NZ

The Bang Sticks.

I got into shooting initially through hunting, but quickly got involved in IPSC pistol shooting. Often looking overseas for information, I quickly jumped onto the PRS bandwagon – and thoroughly enjoy the combination of long range shooting and practical, time-limited courses.

I quickly noticed that a lot of the ‘support’ gear wasn’t available down here in NZ. One of the first brands I started bringing in was THLR – our of Norway, this is a premium range of rear bags, slings and training gear.

Soon, I started adding more rear bag options and started getting in more and more product out of the US – simple firearm upgrades, shooting accessories and such.

Along the way, I have met a lot of interesting people and learnt a lot.

Don’t call me an expert.

There are plenty of people out there much more qualified and skilled than I am. I am just a beginner.

What I do is take all that I have learnt, and continue to learn, and condense and package it into small accessible chunks for people, who, like me, a time poor.

The idea being, a short course gives you a taste and a good starting point that hopefully encourages you to seek out further training and education down the line.

There are more and more opportunities locally and internationally to upskill, and you can find more information about them in our courses section.

Shooting Course

Our first fundamentals course – held at the Swiss Club, November 2016



Most products are the result of me wanting to fix a problem or do something better. A lot of research goes into brands and products before any initial contact is made. Normally, I am already 99% sure it’s going to do the job.



Then, one or two of the items in question are brought in, used, abused, tested and tried – would I use it myself, does it solve the problem I need it too?

If it doesn’t, you won’t ever get to see it, if it does. I will tell you about it.



Instead of just putting something up online with a price next to it, I always try to provide additional information on how to get the most out of a particular item. The better someone can use it, the more benefit and more value to them. Win, win!



Generally, I am aiming to match a ‘RRP’ from overseas, with just our local taxes on top. Certainly, freight is often the killer here – especially with those smaller, more specialised lines – but the goal is to be at least comparable to what you see online.