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Junior Rangers – getting the kids out of the house.

Want a great, easy escape with the kids? How about going on a tracking mission!

Kerry Adams
Kerry Adamshttps://thebloke.co.nz
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Lockdown again. Only level 3 for the moment, but it suddenly dawns on you that you and the kids haven’t actually left the house for a couple of days. Not good enough!

I already had a simple wander activity in mind. My recent chat with Ranger and Tracking Instructor Borris Vos had put the seed into my mind. In fact, we had also been reading an excellent book for kids – wonderfully entitled – “The Clue is in the Poo“. I mean, how can you really go wrong – a book for kids, about Poo. Actually, it’s mainly about animal tracking. And has quickly become my older girls book of choice for bedtime reading. We have been talking about tracking animals and being a ranger, so when I suggested we head outside and see what we could track, I suddenly had two very motivated little girls.

Packing backpacks became the next mission. With both girls deciding they wanted to take their own backpacks, carrying some snack packs made up, water and a jumper each.

I grabbed the 5.11 AMP and hunted down my LandSAR tracking kit. Since I haven’t been active with them for a while, it was buried under a pile of other stuff, but, was pleased to find it was mainly intact, with some magnifying glasses, rulers, markers and other useful kit. Finally, I grabbed the GME radios of the chargers, put one of each of the packs, and we were good to go!

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