Hardcore Hardware’s Tac Pen

I was sick of breaking pens. Either their pocket clip, or the pen itself.

I seemed to be taking out a pen a week.

Of course – this is also related to the fact I always have a pen in my pocket. I got into the habit years ago, and now feel somewhat ‘naked’ if I don’t have a pen and notepad on me at all times. It’s now part of my general EDC.

So, I figured, maybe it was time to look at a heavy duty pen – the obvious choice was the tactical realm, and through some perfect timing, Brent from GunsNZ popped by and mentioned a new brand they were bringing in – Hardcore Hardware.

Hardcore Hardware

HH is an Australian company, producing a range of edged items, primarily for the LE, Military and Rescue sector.

They make an awesome range of both fixed and folding knives, tomahawks, and, tactical pens.

While they have a couple of options in regards to the pens, I opted for the pointy one, because, well, lets just go all in aye!

In their own words –

“The HHA TWI01c features a dome shaped crown with integrated tungsten carbide glass breaker. At the opposing end we have incorporated a pointed tip for sensitive investigative work. The entire shaft of the pen is constructed from 6000 series, non-reflective; black anodized aluminium for extreme longevity and wearability.

The TWI01c includes a series of O-rings making it completely waterproof when the cap is screwed down over the writing tip. Knurling along the pen aids a positive grip.”

Yes. It’s very pointy.

After now having this pen in my pocket for a month or so, well, it’s never leaving again! The point of picking this up was getting a pen that would always be there, working, when I needed it.


The metal pocket clip is not going to brake anytime soon, and the body is likewise, not going to break on me. It cant accidentally be deployed in the pocket and end up covering the inside of the trouser (and my leg) in ink1 and should I ever need it (I cant see it happening) I can also break glass and puncture bad guys with it.

I initially thought I was wearing the surface of the pen in the pocket, but then realised the opposite was true – I was just seeing brass coming off the rivets in my jeans, onto the pen. A quick wipe, and it was gone.

I replaced the supplied ink cartridge (using a Parker replacement) with a blue one, and prefer blue ink as it stands out a bit better against black and white printed documents. And, I struggled… because…

Reverse Threads

Pro-tip – the two pieces of the pen have a reverse thread on them. I thought I was missing something as I struggled to get the thing apart – and I was. As soon as I considered the alternative, I was able to open the pen up and replace the cartridge. Easy!

  1. yes, it has happened to me before, a couple of times 

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