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My environmentalist is better than your environmentalist.

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As opening weekend approaches, animal activist groups are becoming hot on their social media. The original posts are usually emotive, anthropomorphic, vague in detail and inaccurate. As a long term consumer of media, I can let most of those things go. But the comments! Oh, the comments.

I really do genuinely think the sentiment of loving and caring for all animals is admirable and even sweet. Sweet because I guess it’s quite child-like and naive. We can’t exist on this earth as humans without killing animals. We can’t. I’ve read argument after argument where both sides are butting heads about who looks after the earth better. Doesn’t that seem like we are fighting a common goal? Is this really about duck shooting?

I’ve seen a bit of ammunition from the hunters’ side of the argument about animal deaths due to cropping. I want to take this a bit further and not use it as cannon fodder, but maybe have both sides consider the impact of their consumer choice of non-animal products. Recently I read a great bunch of articles about the environmental and social impact of some organic crops. I was shocked. Just because something has a sticker on it saying it’s organic doesn’t mean it will change the world for the better. You may be inadvertently supporting slavery, brutal killing of animals and the destruction of fragile ecosystems by purchasing a product labelled as organic. Knowing the source of your food, not just meat, is an important part of being an environmentalist. And as hunters, we are environmentalists, right?

At the end of the day, you will never get a thank you or a “wow you were right” from that person on social media who labelled you a killer, an animal hater, a psychopath. But you might just get a thank you from your children when they realise you were a contributing factor to the world they live in – a world where consumables are produced in the most environmentally, socially gentle way and the animals and people involved in growing their food all lived happy and comfortable lives. As I have done more research into the source of these ‘happy’ crops, more and more I keep coming back to buying, bartering and growing locally.

Actions speak louder than words. As hunters let’s set the example for how to care for the country and environment we love so much. Information is power so having a clear understanding of the source of all your food products will at least let you sleep well at night, if not enlighten those who label you in a negative way due to your love of duck shooting!

Hot barrels and be safe this weekend, team.

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  • thebloke.co.nz

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