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E Cat Safe Requirements

I recently got a message asking about the for an E Cat safe requirements. The guy already had his A, and was looking at getting into B, which like me, logically meant getting an E safe to hold both both a pistol and the existing rifles1E Cat Safe requirements, E Cat Safe Requirements

Sometimes, it seems, this information can be a little hard to get out of your arms officer. A conspiracist would say that the harder the make it, the less E cats are out there, the realist would say that they, like most other government departments are chronically under-resourced and don’t always have the time or answers. Sad but true.

E Cat Safe requirements, E Cat Safe RequirementsSo – I happened to have a couple of additional documents pertaining to the E Cat Safe requirements – and thought I should share them here.

Essentially, though, 6mm steel, dual locks, bolted into concrete (or steel plates behind wood).

Any questions? Ask – I will put them all together and hit up my Arms Officer…   😉

Additional considerations for storage of E Cat Firearms

Plan of acceptable solution (E Cat Safe)

  1. An ‘Endorsed’ Safe is fine for both B and E Class firearms – you could just get a smaller B Safe – but why not keep everything together? 

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