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Are you

Are youGun Safe?

For companies and individuals utilising firearms in their business activities - it is vitally important to be aware of the risks and responsibilities and take all practicable steps towards managing them.

Modern times, modern methods.

‘Good enough’ is no longer acceptable.

The modern regulatory environments require that employers and employees are equally involved in all aspects of Health & Saftey and risk management. We can assist in all aspects of safe firearms use.

By setting up correct policies, processes and procedures and ensuring your staff stick to them, you significantly reduce any risk of fines under the Health & Safety Act, Arms Act or Crimes Act.

Starting with policy and process, to standard operating procedures to the training of staff, supply, maintenance of the firearms, ammunition and related equipment.

Firearms, by their nature, can be considered a ‘high-risk’ proposition. However, through correct management, training and documentation the risks can be reduced and mitigated resulting in a safer, more productive working environment.

Ensure your papers are in order.

People seem to panic when it comes to the paperwork, but clean, clear documentation of policy and process does result in efficiency and clarity for the entire team.

The issue is when paperwork is only half completed, missing references, or otherwise incomplete.

We work with the existing documentation, suggest amendments and additions as necessary and ensure that the documents integrate into the company system as well.

More than just firearms.

An extensive background in operations management, health & safety and quality assurance means we are able to provide a total solution, reaching beyond ‘firearms handling’.

Firearm systems supply and management.

We manage the entire lifecycle of required equipment – from specification and supply, through to maintenance, servicing and testing, and where required, disposal at the end of a lifecycle.

Setting up and integrating appropriate schedules and reporting into the system means that you can show due diligence and upkeep on firearms removing concerns about accidental discharges or other potential issues.

An inaccurate firearm can be a dangerous firearm, and we can test, simulate and document such things as employment zones, error budgets and more.

Going beyond ‘compliance’ we provide peace of mind and certainty that firearms are being used within the scope of both the system capabilities and the shooter capabilities.

Safety Training and Competency Testing.

Best practice in regards to firearms safety, like any other skillset, is constantly evolving and improving. We teach and test to the current Police defined best practice, with our instructor being a current (2019) Firearms Practical Handling Safety Instructor.

In addition to assessing safe handling skills, we can design and test competency levels, relevant to the requirements of the company and individuals.

If required, we can organise additional training, to help bring new shooters up to the required standards.

The Process


Where are you now?

Review existing documentation, records and training. Evaluate current systems and plan for improvement and refinement where required.


Get up to date.

Discuss relevant legislation, requirements and best practices, update paperworks and ensure appropiate levels of training are in place or underway.


Document the System

Record training undertaken, ensure all paperwork and records are up to date and form a coherant and cohesive system within the greater companies operation.


Return to the Start

Plan regular reviews of the system as part of a system of constant improvement.


Where are you located?

The review and refinement of documentation takes place both in situ and remotely, while the safe handling and compliance reviews are hands on. For competency testing, we require the use of a suitable shooting range - which we can organise.

What's the timeframe?

This is very dependant on the size and complexity of the organisation. Firearms handling and competency testing can be completed within the day, while larger process and documentation reviews can take longer.

What is the investment?

Again - this varies a lot on your specific requirements and company size. Please get in touch to discuss specifics and we can give you an indication of required investment.



My background is varied, but with a constant theme flowing through it all - looking after people.

I was raised by a Dept Of Labour, OSH, Workplace Safety Inspector - my mother spending the majority of her working life in the role. I grew up surrounded by a very strong culture of workplace safety.

I spent many years as an Operations Manager for a large fabrication and manufacturing company - creating and maintaining their Operations Manual, Policies, Processes and Procedures. This included regular interaction with the regulatory bodies and working closely with Workplace Safety.

I contract to the New Zealand Police by way of the Mountain Safety Council for the purposes of conducting the Practical Firearms Safety Courses which all new firearms licence applicants are required to attend - I am one of a handful of people warranted by the NZ Police to this role.

I have been running thebloke.co.nz for some time now - have a look around to see what I have been up to!

  • Trainer/Assessor - Firearms Practical Handling Safety - MSC/NZ Police
  • National Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (Workplace Safety) (Level 3)
  • - Produce an occupational health and safety incident investigation
  • - Apply hazard identification and risk assessment procedures in the workplace
  • - Demonstrate knowledge of safe storage and handling of hazardous substances in the workplace
  • - Demonstrate knowledge of the management of drug and/or alcohol-related problems in the workplace
  • - Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements
  • National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation (Leadership), Bush-Walking
  • - Manage first aid in emergency situations
  • - Assess and manage an emergency care situation during an outdoor recreation activity
  • - Apply concepts of basic risk management as an outdoor recreation leader
  • HSNO Approved Handler
  • MPI Biosecurity Facility Operator

Get started. Get sorted.

More questions? Want to book a consultation? Get in touch with Kerry. Call on (021) 2900 333 or eMail - [email protected]

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