Change is the one constant.

Well, one thing that has always run true for me. Nothing ever stays the same. Which, while sometimes might be a little easier, I have grown to appreciate and enjoy the constant evolution and modulation of my life.

For those who knew me before ‘The Bloke’, they will know the original site and my decision that fueled it was in stark contrast to the life I was living at the time. It was a change that would get me out of dark (and dingy) nightclubs and back into the outdoors.

Anyhow, like many things in life, coming full circle means that The Bloke is getting its own website again. I combined it (along with Precision Shooter) into the Gearlocker a year or so ago, and have realised the independence of tone and message was lost.

So, here we are again. More focused on modern activities. Not just outdoors and hunting, but living.



Founder of The Bloke, borderline Hipster, confirmed caffeine addict and sometime weekend warrior.

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