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Whoa whoa whoa… where did Precision Shooter go?

While it would be easy to say that rebrand was a result of the tragic events in recent history, it was actually...

Changes in the Semi-Automatic Classification System

I have been quiet since Friday, and for good reason, but let's try and clear up some of the confusion about today's firearms law announcement.

The Swarovski dS – Scope, rangefinder, ballistic solver.

It's the pinnacle (price wise at least) of 'smart' optics. But does the price of the Swarovski dS really equate to value? Like many things premium, it's a yes, no, yes, kinda answer.

Matching twist rate and bullet weight in rifles.

The are many benefits to understanding and matching the twist rate of your barrel with the projectile weight you are using. Primarily, accuracy.

The Stage 1 is for sale. Again.

So, I finally blew it up. The engine in the Stage 1 now has a fairly large hole in it.

Stop the Bleed. Prac Med’s IFAS Kit first look

So, should you, are someone near you have a major issue with losing a LOT of blood, do you have the resources on you to stop it?

Adequate, Ample, or Addiction?

This is my Dad’s gun collection.  I refer to it as his arsenal.  He is adamant each and every firearm has a purpose and he needs to own all 13.  My sister and I tease him that...


Breaking in JP-15 barrel, first 10 rounds rapid fire, supported, 55 gr Blitzing (not even the actual 69 gr SMK for the 1:8 twist barrel). Look at this grouping at 100 yards. Not even trying hard to...

MagnetoSpeed Picatinny Rail Adaptor

This isn't a MagnetoSpeed Chronograph Review That will come later. Right now though, this is a quick overview of the additional Picatinny rail you can get for the system.I knew right from the get-go that I was going...

Lego for shooters – The AR System

AR platform in New Zealand. Why the author chose a complete rifle over DIY.

Shooting and Hearing Damage.

Ever shot a .338 with a muzzle brake and no hearing protection? Those scenes in Saving Private Ryan and a million other action films that have followed suit since? Yup. Just like that.

MultiGun Scopes – an overview.

For the heck of it, I was out shopping this entire week and went to a couple of shops to "touch and feel" the scopes. Here is what I discovered : (personal opinion, for reference to those who are shopping for a multi-gun scope).
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