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DefenderTD5 110

You would have thought, after my initial experience with the Stage One, I would have learnt my lesson. But no. That just got the desire for a proper Defender doing in me, and, finally, after looking for one for a couple of years, in 2019, I started a new project. A 2001 TD5 110 Land Rover Defender.

The goal is to take my partner and two little girls on a slow road trip around New Zealand. Join me an adventure into classic design, leaky roofs and off-road shenanigans.

Nearly Legal!

Yes, after nearly six months, and a couple of extra grand, the landie is nearly road legal again! It has now passed its warrant of fitness, and I will get it changed over from its 'B' registration on Monday. Then...

Meet the tank. A Stage 1 Land Rover.

A Land Rover Stage 1. Economic? No. Practical? No. Constant grin from ear to ear? Hell yeah!