Camping Hacks – The Clothesline

It’s the little things that can make a big difference when out on the road. Like a simple to setup and use clothesline.

Its also the little things that are perfect to think about and fix while you are sitting around camp, set up, relaxed and looking for a stick to whittle.

So, on our recent trip in the Crows Nest, I decided to sort out a simple, but very effective clothesline for hanging up wet togs, towels and the like.

I purchased a roll of Dyneema Line a while back for projects like these – Dyneema is super strong, lightweight and perfect for tarp lines, hanging animals (watch your hands, it’s thin and will rip them up if it slips) and similar jobs. It also happens to be the perfect width to fit through the back of the generic clothes peg.

simple camping clothesline

This means you can’t lose the pegs, and simply add on as many as you want. Given we won’t be washing a load of clothes while out, in my case, five was enough.

Then at one end, I tied it to a Black Diamond Carabiner and also tied in a tarp tensioner – so, should it sag (not that Dyneema rope sags, but, why not overengineer it!) the line will automatically keep tensioned.

self-tensioners for the clothesline

At the other, I used a Niteize Figure 9 Carabiner – that I bought on a while a while ago, and have never really had a use for. All items out of my ‘camp project’ box.

And done! A simple project that only took a couple of minutes to make, and even less time to use.

It might seem kinda over the top, but it’s just little projects like this that make your campsite yours, and once it’s done, it only takes seconds to put up and hang wet clothes from. Sure, I could have just don’t it all with knots and tied it each time, but now and then, I don’t mind using some gadgets instead.



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