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Call of the Wild: Te Awaroa – a chat with the world developer.

I recently jumped into Hunter: Call of the Wild again for a play and surprised (pleasantly) to see there was a new DLC based in little ol' NZ!

As I do – I got in touch with the company – who put me in touch with the world designer, to have a chat about designing a new world within a game, research, getting ‘compression’ right and much more. It’s a cool chat for anyone interested in learning a little more about game design, or, hunting in NZ. Check it out – and – if you have the game, the DLC is now out on PC, X-Box and PS4!

Quick Quide – and I guess a bit of a spoiler!

If you want to figure it out for yourself, don’t watch this great intro to the map. 😉

, Call of the Wild: Te Awaroa – a chat with the world developer.
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A constant learner with an inquisitive mind, Kerry created The Bloke as a way to share what he was learning from the community of experts he found himself surrounded by. Precision Shooter and GunSafe soon followed. Somewhere along the line, he picked up one or two things himself. But don't call him an expert.

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