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I do want to clear something up.

Firstly, thanks for those that read, and respond through the social channels. It’s refreshing to get something more than one line, or even one word as a response to an article that took a time to consider and write.

If firearms were entirely banned tomorrow in New Zealand, it would be an inconvenience to me. I own several firearms, I enjoying shooting them, both for sport and for hunting (I do no see hunting as a sport, but that’s for another article) – I also run a website and several social media pages that heavily focus on firearms (like this one you are on now). So I would be kinda bummed out if I could no longer do it. But that’s about it. I enjoy their use, but they are not my life. I would find another hobby (actually I already have plenty of others) and move on.

That has seemed to annoy more than a few people. That’s fine; it’s your choice to be annoyed, peeved, offended even.

However, maybe another sentence in front of the paragraph to help clear things up…

If, in exchange for stopping all firearms related crime in New Zealand, firearms were entirely banned tomorrow in New Zealand, it would be an inconvenience to me…

It’s not going to happen. ((a complete ban or that fixing guns used in crime)) So it’s not an issue – but owning a gun as a hobby, well, it’s a hobby that has slightly more weight than say, photography, or fly fishing. If I thought legal owners having firearms was the issue, then I would happily hand mine over. They aren’t.

I certainly don’t consider owning a firearm my greatest freedom. It’s not that high on the list either.

Don’t misunderstand – I have no intention of ‘handing in my guns’ anytime soon. In fact, I plan on doing what I can do to promote a reasonable middle ground (stop, consider for a moment my middle ground may not, in fact, be your middle ground) where we do have appropriate controls, without it being draconian.

There is a groundswell coming. But it isn’t from the people already firmly in the pro-gun camp. They have always been there; there are plenty of pages for them, several forums, multiple organisations. The groundswell is coming from the middle. Actually, if you really want to start defining, stereotyping and ‘labeling’ things, the metro.

  • thebloke.co.nz
  • thebloke.co.nz

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