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Browning Hells Canyon 300WSM

300WSM is a bit on-trend at the moment it seems.

I love the round myself, doesn’t loose that much to the 300WIN, can win back some weight, and certainly is milder to shoot.

This particular one was a Browning Hells Canyon. I have always likes the slick Browning action, which is in part to the three lugs and smaller bolt opening angle.

The Hells Canyon adds camo and ceracoating on the action and barrel. The ceracoating prevents any rust or patina forming – so makes it a good option for a gun that may be used in the wet.

This one had a Hardy on the front and a Sig BDX System on top.

Sig BDX Scope and Rangefinder

I had actually had a BDX Scope out a couple of weeks before on another rifle – but this one also included the rangefinder that talks to the scope to provide distance and additionally, enables a wind adjustment indicator function. Why you can’t have some form of wind indication going on without the Range Finder can only be explained by a market and sales decision – as the Range Finder doesn’t measure wind.

However, the actual setup was a breeze, after I had chronographed the rifle, I loaded up the projecile and velocity into the app on my phone, synced the scope and the rangefinder and we were done!

Supporter Bonus Content

Site supporters get to see the zeroing/test targets, ammo and velocity results and my thoughts on what I liked and what I would change with the rifle. This one – my thoughts on the Sig BDX system – including the issues I have with it.

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