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    A chat with Barnard.

    If you live in NZ and have been shooting for a while, you will have likely heard of Barnard Precision. One of NZ's premium rifle action (and rifle full stop) brand - their rifles seem to dominate the F-Class competition. But. What do they have to offer for field shooters?

    Firearms Licencing Update – renewals and new applications

    Not sure what is happening with the firearms renewal process? Or have a new licence application in?

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  • The Tikka Strata in 300WSM – one gun to rule them all?

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    I have known about Barnard Precision for a while – they have almost always been these mythical, highly accurate, but slightly temperamental rifles that guys shooting F-Class use. I have seen a few used in a field situation but also seen what happens when an action with really tight tolerances gets wet. I caught up with Mat from Barnard to have a chat about the brand, and plans for the future.



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