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An inconvenience.

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I can think of many other posts I would prefer to be writing about now. That, and completing the transition from the three previous sites, The Bloke, Precision Shooter and The Gearlocker to this one page (still a lot of work to do) – but with current events, I finally feel ‘passionate’ enough to put some thoughts down. This is ironic because of the next paragraph.

I have been pondering something recently. Why don’t I see many others out there with similar views on gun ownership? Indeed, we seem to get a lot of the extreme views – either that no-one should own guns, or that there should be no further controls on guns, and it is slowly dawning on me why that is. It’s not apathy. It’s just that many of us have ‘better things to do’ than spend out time writing up submissions and sending them into government. Even though it could directly affect us. 

To me, it seems the type of person who spends the time to draft, review and sent a submission has either vested interests, is a lobbying body or, has the time spare to sit down and write a stern letter to the government (i.e. the same people who ring up talkback). It’s only the ‘passionate’ (which often equates to those with a strong, single minded and often one-sided opinion) who take the time actually to put something together. Which I realise, means there is potentially a massive section of the populous in the middle that doesn’t.

Usually, this doesn’t pose too much of an issue, as two diametrically opposed opinions get watered down to a middle ground when it comes to actual legislation and law. However, it also occurs to me that in this case, things could be a bit of an inconvenience to me in the long term.

Yes. I used the term inconvenience. If firearms were entirely banned tomorrow in New Zealand, it would be an inconvenience to me. I own several firearms, I enjoying shooting them, both for sport and for hunting (I do no see hunting as a sport, but that’s for another article) – I also run a website and several social media pages that heavily focus on firearms (like this one you are on now). So I would be kinda bummed out if I could no longer do it. But that’s about it. I enjoy their use, but they are not my life. I would find another hobby (actually I already have plenty of others) and move on. This site is not about ‘guns’ as such – it is about educating people and keeping them safe. The fact that I currently partake in certain hobbies means that my articles lean towards those hobbies.

I also enjoy hunting – one of the most satisfying things is being able to put clean protein on the table – meat that I have stalked killed and processed myself. If I couldn’t do it tomorrow? Well – I am not reliant on hunted meat to feed my family. ((Others will say they are – though I think the argument is sometimes more emotive than based on actual, considered economics (time spent, expendables used, and so on).)) I leave in Auckland, a large metro centre. Let’s be blunt. It is cheaper and quicker for me just to buy some organic meat from the supermarket.

So, ironically, it’s not even the potential for more restricted access to firearms, it’s the fact that so many seem to be missing the point, and expressing such one sided opinions that motivates me to write this.

So – one for the nerds. If I had an alignment, I often think it would be True Neutral. Oftentimes I find myself engaged in arguments (hopefully in the traditional, true and more civil sense of the word) because I just feel uncomfortable with people taking such extreme and one-sided points of view. Especially when you realise that it isn’t even their point of view – it is only repeated soundbites from their media outlet or social circle of choice.

So, with that in mind – expect a little more of my comments and thoughts on the submissions and the options available. Hopefully, cut down into small bite size articles that our now ADD society can handle.

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  • thebloke.co.nz

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