AccuTac Bipods

I popped in to visit Jim at GunsNZ to check out the range of AccuTac Bipods they are importing. I am familiar with the brand, certainly seen a lot of photos on Instagram, but was keen to check them out and take a couple out to shoot off.


AccuTac Bipods

Most people will agree that a solid bipod can make a hell of a difference when it comes to shooting out to distance. Certainly, first impressions over the whole AccuTac range is that they are built as solid as possible.

“Accu-tac was designed based on a need of high quality bipods and accessories. We were on the market for high-in accessories and only found overpriced, middle of the road quality products. We figured why not make our own line?! We wanted to provide quality manufactured products that can be purchased at a fair price.”

There are quite a few models in the range – from the diminutive (by comparison) BR-4QD, through to the might HD-50 and FC-10QD

In fact, there are enough models there that I could see it becoming a little confusing as to exactly which model to choose. Check the video above out for my overview and thoughts on the models, and, after a few days with them, I have a couple of extra thoughts to add. No doubt, I will add some more after this weekends course.

Range Overview

I had six models to have a look at – and will give them all a quick mention here – it should be noted – Jim got them to put a QD on the HD-50 model – which, normally, doesn’t come like that – so that a little unique to NZ!

Basically, there are three leg width/weights and a variety of attachment methods. Combinations of these make up the range. In some ways, this probably gives a good indication of where they expect what used.

  • HD-50QD – the big boy – Wide mount with cant and the heavy extending legs
  • FC-10QD – F Class – Wide mount with pan and the heavy extending legs
  • FC-5QD – F Class – Wide mount with pan and the medium extending legs
  • LR-10QD – Field Rifle – Standard mount with cant and the heavy extending legs
  • SR-5QD – Field Rifle – Standard mount with cant and the medium extending legs
  • BR-4WD – Field Rifle – Standard mount with cant and the small non-extending legs

Let’s look at it another way

The other way to look at it, is based on use first – so –

  • 50cal/Cheyac/Monster ELR or Long Range Rigs – HD-50QD
  • F Class Open – FC-10QD
  • FTR – FC-5QD
  • Magnum Rifle – LR-10QD
  • Non-Magnum Rifle/AR – SR-5QD
  • ‘Lightweight’ Hunting Rig – BR-4WD

Now, these are just suggestions, and I personally, find myself actually leaning more towards two models –

And then there were two…

Myself, initially, thought the LR-10QD or the SR-5QD was the go-to for the field shooting/precision rifle I most often involve myself in.

However, after playing around with them a bit during my daily dry-fire practice, I actually came to the conclusion, that, if you are prepared to carry the bit of extra weight that the LR-10QD provides, then you might as well also consider just jumping to the HD-50QD instead. Why?

Well – the legs are the same, and the weight isn’t a whole lot more, but, what the HD050QD adds is the wide stance – and, as is only logical, a wider stance is more stable.

However, there is a caveat. The reason that they don’t normally include the QD on the 50, is that the mechanism becomes a little fiddly to use – that is, you kind of have to cant the bipod to get the lever around far enough to remove the bipod. Considering, once one there, it’s not normally a blind panic to remove, and, it’s not really that much of an issue anyhow – I don’t really see the negative outweighing the positive.

I will give you a bit more of an update after shooting the two over the weekend. But, basically, the question I have is – does the 114mm extra width in stance justify the 202 grams extra weight? Stay tuned!


Min. Height7″ / 177.8mm6.25″ – 158.75mm
Max. Height10″ – 254mm9.75″ – 247.65mm
Min. Stance13.5″ – 342.9mm11″ – 279.4mm
Max. Stance14.5″ – 444.5mm13″ – 330.2mm
Weight27.5 oz – 779 grams20.35oz – 576.91 grams
Price (as at Sep 2018)$799.95$524.85

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