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6mm Creedmoor Small Primer Peterson Brass

As my Proof Research rifle build project continues, with the action away at Custom Guns getting re-barreled into 6 Creedmoor - I figured I should start gathering some components I will be using for reloading. First stop - some Peterson Brass!

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While I shoot a lot of factory ammo (mainly in clients rifles) for the comp gun, where I potentially will be shooting 100 rounds a weekend and want to have more for practice (I am going with the one-gun to rule them all theory) reloading is both a precision and cost-related exercise. I realise, the whole cost thing is a bit of a black hole, but like pistol (or the old AR’s) precision rifle means volume, which is where cost saving can occur.

So, I needed some brass. I could have just shot a pile of factory – but – that would basically mean Hornady – and I am not huge on the consistency of that stuff. Fine for reloading, not handloading.

So, it was now a case of finding what could be sourced in NZ.

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This article – the projectiles I going to go with and some more thoughts on the process.


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